Report 9/11/18

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Report 9/11/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:53 pm

With the first cicadas starting to sing in the trees it is the start of the summer fishing for some.

For those anglers that fish Manly dam it is music to their ears as this is the best time to hook up a bass or two as they try to catch some of these very large insects as they start to hit the water.

Fishing surface lures and Imation cicadas should see a strike or two in the evenings.

Very large kingfish seem to be dominating reports this week with exceptional sized fish being taken in the harbour and along our rock platforms
South curl curl rocks is having a good run of fish being hooked but very few seem to be landing some of these powerful fish as they will fight to the death.

While a lot of anglers are using live yellowtail and squid there are a few anglers that are using small bungy cast lures and sugarpens and having a lot of fun on small rat kings on light gear.

Also along the ledges at blue fish point and north head there are some very large fish willing to take a fresh squid or yellowtail but it is a trek that is not for the faint hearted and best left to the people that have the experience in fishing areas like this.

Tailor seem to have moved along some of our beaches and at the minute curl curl is one of the beaches giving up fish on the southern end using pilchards fished on gang hooks.

Manly beach has had a bit of a lift with a lot of anglers fishing either side of the outlet pipe at north styne surf club and picking up a nice feed of flathead and bream.

Inside the harbour kingfish salmon and tailor are still rampant with large schools of baitfish covering the area and for those looking to pick up some slimy mackerel the artificial reef is holding good numbers giving anglers the chance of picking up a great bait to put down for some of the bigger kings.

For those anglers that are looking to go for a flick with some small metal lures the spit has tailor running around the bridge and over towards the beach at Clontarf.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O Hagan.

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