Report 15/11/18

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Report 15/11/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:05 pm

The hunt is on for the very large kingfish that are creating havoc for some of our anglers.

With lots of stories coming in from around the harbour and the headlands of big fish testing the best of equipment and the end result seems to be in favour of the kingfish.

A lot of the action at the moment is around north head and blue fish point down rigging with slimey mackerel and fresh squid while some anglers are having a lot of luck casting large poppers and stick baits from the land.

Inside the harbour slimey mackerel and tailor have moved in around the spit bridge in numbers drawing in a lot of the bigger predators looking for a feed.

Casting surface lures and metals around the nets at Clontarf can be very rewarding in the morning and the evening and using small squid jigs among the moorings can get you a feed of squid.

Weed over the last weekend was dominating most of our beaches and making it very hard to keep bait in the water but it seems to have cleared giving our beach anglers the chance to pick up a fish or two.

Narrabeen Lake is still closed and it seems to be having an impact on the quality of fishing and for this time of the year the prawns should be on the move in big numbers.

Around the back of the lake near the scout hall there is a bad smell coming from the water and this needs to have a good flush out for things to improve.

Manly dam is firing well with some anglers recording their best bass while fishing surface lures as the sun goes down.

Fishing out wide around browns there are good numbers of cod being taken and with a hot current pushing down from the north there were reports from some boats that the mahi mahi are on the move and eager to take skirted lures on the surface.

As well as large mahi mahi there were a few reports that small striped marlin had been taken.

With fish like this available before the fads are set out it is looking good for the season ahead.

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