Report 29/11/18

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Report 29/11/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:50 pm

Very large kingfish still being the dominant fish on everyone’s mind.

There have been a lot of tales from some of our anglers from being towed in their kayaks to loosing their gear to these large predators.
The season seems to be starting of very well and over the next few weeks there should be an increase of activity if we can get some of that warm current flowing down from the north and the water temperature to stabilise.

Land based fishing inside the harbour has been very good with a large range of species on offer from flathead being taken on the drift and for some kingfish on live squid and slimy mackerel.

Beach fishing has seen a new breed of anglers flying out drones beyond the waves and dropping slab baits and live yellowtail as far as one hundred and fifty meters from the shore with a lot of mixed results.

For some large salmon have been taken and for others there have been a range of large sharks and sting rays especially in the early evening.
For those that want to try this form of fishing there needs to be a lot of time spent trying out dummy runs on football ovals before sending out a very expensive piece of equipment over the ocean.

Manly dam is fishing well as the amount of cicadas are increasing in numbers and dropping into the water getting the bass all fired up and on the prowl.

While a lot of people will fish with artificial replicas of these winged wonders there is always the opportunity of picking up a few fish on small diving lures and poppers fished close to the weed beds and for those that want any easy relaxing day fishing a small float with some bread or sweet corn there are a lot of carp and Redfin.

Narrabeen lake still not open but for some there have been good numbers of flathead taken but a lot of effort and time needs to be put in to get the results.

If and when the lake is eventually opened there will be a large concentration of fish trying to make the journey in to and out from the lake.
The prawns are moving in the lake and it is about this time a few nights spent with a torch and a net can be very rewarding with a nice fresh feed.
There have not been any good reports over the last week from boats fishing off shore with the water temperature being very low and seas not being very favourable For a lot of boats to get out wide and have a go for some of our larger game species.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.
Paul O Hagan.

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