Report 10/1/19

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Report 10/1/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:04 pm

The good weather is holding well and the fish are on the bite.

Fishing in and around the spit bridge in the early morning is paying dividends with arrange of species being taken.

There have been some great reports from a lot of the young anglers that are targeting tailor and small kingfish and just lately they are taking a few bonito while fishing surface lures like the sugarpen and small stick baits and poppers.

While a lot of the fish are being taken on lures there are still a few being taken on small strips of squid being fished on a floating rig.
Inside the harbour there is just as much activity and a chance to pick up a fish or two while trolling small diving lures around the marker buoys and the wedding cakes.

There have been days that the fish are very picky and will only take a live yellowtail or squid and other days a surface or diving lure seems to work very well and as always watch for surface action as these fish gorge on the large amount of bait fish that is available.

Outside of the heads and along the headlands there has been a lot of good fish taken for those willing to make the early morning trek down to north head and blue fish point with snapper and kingfish on offer.

Further out and around the long reef area there are a lot of good table fish to be taken but there have been some recent reports that barracoota have started to move into the area and will destroy anything that is placed in front of them.

These fish run in big schools and can be a pest destroying well presented baits and plastics laid down for better quality fish.

Further out the word is that the mahi mahi have started to fill up on the fads but the fish are very small and it is going to take a few weeks or a good current pushing into Sydney to bring some of the bigger fish.

There have been a few reports of marlin but not within range of the small trailer boats.

Fishing on the beach seems to be getting better day by day with some good reports of whiting taking fresh caught or frozen worms along with some nice bream.

Paul O Hagan

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