Report 24/1/19

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Report 24/1/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:01 pm

Over the last week the fishing has been very good inside the harbour with large concentrations of bait being chased by some large tailor along with bonito and kingfish.

It does not seem to mater what method of fishing is being used as all seem to be working.

Surface lures and metals are working very well while chasing bonito and tailor and for those looking to pick up a good sized king fish from among the countless numbers of smaller fish live squid and slimey mackerel is the preferred bait being either trolled or just dropped on a paternoster rig.

While live baits are a great option the kings are still partial to a strip of fresh squid and well worth trying.

There are good numbers of squid being taken in the usual spots and for some the headlands are producing some very large specimens.

With all the bait that is about it has attracted some of the more ferocious predators like dusky and bronze whaler sharks looking for an easy meal but most seem to be encountered in the early evening and into the night.

Outside of the harbour and along the headlands there are still good numbers of kings being taken on lures and stick baits with the usual spots like north head blue fish point and recently the headlands at long reef were a lot of very large tailor seem to have gathered.

Fishing the outer reefs there have been some small black marlin taken well within reach of a lot of the smaller trailer boats.

There was one report of one angler while fishing with a live slimey mackerel for king fish got the shock of his life when a black marlin leaped out of the water with his bait in its mouth but the fight did not last long as the marlin gave a few head shakes and of it went into the sunset.

On the beaches there have been a lot of mixed reports with some anglers getting into some quality whiting while others are getting a few tailor as they fish into the night along with some of the dusky and bronze whaler sharks and a mix of rays.

Paul O Hagan

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