Report 2/5/19

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Report 2/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon May 20, 2019 11:22 am

Another month has passed and we get close to winter but the fishing is still at a peak.

A hot current has pushed in on Sydney and it looks to be going to hold for a while and with it we have had great reports of striped and blue marlin being taken from the shelf and out towards Heaton’s where the bigger blues seem to be at the moment.

Along with marlin there have been some great catches of yellow fin tuna inside the shelf and for one lucky angler working stick baits from one of our rock ledges a yellow fin taken of the rocks.

When some one is able to score a yellow fin from the rocks things are looking good for a while yet.

With this warm current in close it is a great time for the smaller boats to get out and troll a few lures around and with a bit of luck maybe pick up one or two of these magnificent sports fish.

Beach fishing this week has been very good depending witch beach you are fishing.

Curl curl has produced some nice bream for those fishing the gutters with pilchards and strips of mullet.

Mullet is one of the toughest baits that can be used and with schools of them running up and down the coast there can not be a better bait if you were to try and catch a mulloway as they will not be far behind the schools.

There have been reports this week that a few of these prized fish have been taken from some of our beaches while fishing into the night.

The week Dee why has be reported to be holding a good concentration of whiting according to some of the locals going out for a snorkel making it a great time to try a few worms in the gutters.

Curl curl has been producing some nice bream from the beach and just around the pool at the south end.

Fishing inside the harbour is pretty consistent but with some anglers having trouble picking up a tank of live yellowtail it has been a bit of a struggle.
Live yellowtail will sometimes ignore the bait jigs and this is when a small-unweighted hook with a bit of bait in the berley trail can make the difference between some live bait and none at all.

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