Report 23/5/19

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Report 23/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu May 23, 2019 2:44 pm

For those that want the opportunity to pick up a good sized flathead inside the harbour along some of the sand flats you need to be fishing into the night as the larger fish seem to be more active after the sun goes down.

Using small and medium sized diving lure or soft plastics and covering as much area as possible as the flathead are an ambush predator and they will usually just sit in the one spot and wait for something to come within their reach.

Around the marker buoys and structures in the harbour there are still kingfish willing to take a live bait or even a salt water fly although there are plenty of yellowtail a lot of anglers are having trouble filling up the live bait tank.

For those spinning with metals on light tackle bonito and tailor are still around and a lot of fun.

Of the rocks the reports this week have been more about luderick and drummer being taken on bread below a float as well as trevally feeding close to the rocks.

Beach fishing this week has had created a lot of interest with anglers trying to catch their first whaler shark and hopefully land one.

The sharks have been in very large numbers of most of our beaches and for anyone that wants to hear their reel screaming as the line peels of there is no better time to have a fish in the evening after the sun goes down.

Using a very simple rig with a wire trace and some mullet fillets should get a hook up in no time.

Reef fishing has long reef being the pick at the moment with snapper and trag in good numbers as well as a few kingfish.

Reports from the boats further out towards the shelf are that the kings on the twelve-mile reef are taking heavy jigs if you can pass the leather jackets.

At some of the private fad’s mahi mahi are still holding as the temperature is still in our favour and a few marlin have been taken further out while trolling skirted lures.

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