Report 8/1/16

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Report 8/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:57 pm

This week’s conditions haven’t been the best to say the least but most fishermen don’t mind a good stir up as it gets the fish out looking for a feed. Prior to the rain some great fish were caught over the new year when the seas were much friendlier.

Brad Kearns & Rod Phillips headed out to the fads offshore looking for mahi mahi and caught a cracker before the rains, Brad managed to land a 135cm fish whilst casting top water stick baits using 20lb gear, plenty of flying fish were sighted in the area and these are a terrific bait for our surface predators and a good sign that you are in the zone. These fish will be around while the warm water currents are off our coastline and this should be for a few months yet.

Our estuaries are quite muddy at the moment but once the rain goes they will settle down again, with all of the freshwater sitting atop the salt remember to fish deep and use plenty of scents on your baits and lures.

Narrabeen Lake has just been opened and this in turn will have all the fish making a dash for the mouth, casting big lures around this area will give you a great chance at catching the elusive lake mulloway as they feed on all the smaller baitfish running the gauntlet to the ocean.

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