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Report 29/7/16

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:02 pm
by Nicole Penfold
With the tuna offshore going a little quiet this week plenty of anglers have been fishing closer to shore on the local reefs with good results. The flathead drift off North Head & the artificial reef off South head have been providing good no’s of fish when conditions have allowed. Peter Marrs fished both locations during the week to catch trevally, flathead and kingfish.

The harbour is also holding form, Fishabout’s Stuart Reid has landed some great fish at Sow & Pigs reef in harbour central, with the water being a little clearer at this time of year a berley trail is recommended as is fishing a little deeper. Some good bait is available in the form of yakkas and squid so it’s certainly worth the effort, the bigger the bait bigger the fish. Land based anglers have also been successful, Attila Uler fished Little Manly Point landing some good bream using baits fishing on the bottom from this concrete platform. The upcoming weekend’s conditions look quite promising to get out there amongst them.

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