Report 8/9/17

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Report 8/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:12 pm

While it is good to see pictures of large kings and snapper in the reports there is nothing better seeing the smile on the face of the next generation of young fishos coming through as can been seen with Kai’s first good sized bonito taken while out on a trip in Sydney with his father.

With a cold current swirling close in around Sydney within range of most of our boats the news is getting a little better. There are reports of tuna and albacore on the move. Some fish have been taken on a range of trolled skirted lures others as well as others have been hooked up in a trail of cubed pilchards .

The conditions that we have experienced over the last week has meant a lot of our boats have been unable to get offshore to tackle any these fish but as conditions improve we should see a few more reports of fish being taken in and around the Browns Mountain area.

If you get a chance to go out, rig yourself up with a good selection of skirted lures and maybe a deep diver pulled in close to the boat ,then just sit back and enjoy a lazy day out on the water with maybe a bonus strike or two from a nice fin or two.

Fishing in the harbour at the moment can be frustrating for some anglers as the schools of fish are feeding hard on the smallest of baitfish and some boat anglers charging into the feeding frenzy resulting in the fish going down.

Approaching the schools quietly and drifting close to them or getting in front of the fish and waiting on the fish coming to you will give you the best results and more time to try and match what the fish are feeding on.

Beach fishing reports have been up and down over the past week with some reports of good whiting still being caught on worms while others are tackling salmon and dusky whalers in the evening on ganged pilchards and mullet strips.

On our rock ledges at the moment, the main target seems to be groper while others are targeting the schools of feeding salmon and bonito with a range of metals and stick baits.

As always stay safe and enjoy your fishing.

Paul O Hagan

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Kai with a healthy bonito.

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