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Report 15/9/17

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:46 pm
by Nicole Penfold
As the cold currents have moved in around Sydney for over a week it has brought with it the elusive Bluefin tuna in close to our shoreline giving some of our anglers a chance to catch one of these large species as can be seen in our photograph with angler Jim Pennie having to get a hand from Al Mc Glashan to actually hold his first Bluefin up for a picture.

With all of the reports that have come in it seems that there is a quantity of fish out there having been taken on trolled skirts while others have picked up a fish or two cubeing with pilchards.

If and when the opportunity arises to have tuna in the cube trail it is always good to have a rod rigged up with a stick bait or just a small cube of pilchard as they will often take this offering close to the boat in a very aggressive manner and then it is hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

While these fish are here at the moment no one knows how long they will stay so don,t miss out on the chance to pick one up.

King fish are still a on the prowl at the moment around our inshore reefs and our headlands and shall increase as we progress into our main season.

We are still getting reports of the barracouta giving anglers grief snapping anything that shines in the water, anglers could try using a small wire trace on light gear and just enjoy a bit of light sport fishing.

Narrabeen lake is showing signs of improvement with fish getting a bit more active and flathead going on the prowl for an easy meal.

While lots of anglers are chasing them with all manner of plastics, small hard bodies seem to be the bait of choice at the moment with some very good results.

Inside our harbour the schools of salmon and striped tuna are still feeding hard on the small whitebait witch seem to be the dominant food that they are taking at the moment.

While these fish rampage on the surface they will usually be followed by lots of predators picking up the scraps dropping down and even picking off the weak ones.

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