Report 29/9/17

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Report 29/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:51 pm

While the word Tuna is still ringing in everyone’s ears the currents seem to have travelled south and taken the fish along with them but all is not bad news as we have a very strong hot current pushing down from the north and bringing some of our other game species with it.

There has been some early reports coming in of boats picking up a few good sized yellowfin on the troll along with albacore and the odd marlin north of browns where the hot and cold currents are merging at the moment.

On our inshore reefs the snapper have started to show up in good numbers and are willing to take a bait drifted down in a good berley trail of pilchards but as always the toothy thieves – ‘cuta’ - are still holding in large numbers and destroying anything that is thrown into the water.

Some very large schools of baitfish are holding in close on Long Reef attracting a bit of surface action with rat kings and some larger specimens on offer.

With the fish starting to get very active it is a good time to catch some live yellowtail and/or fresh squid and slowly troll around the schools of baitfish. Although catching bait sometimes can be a little bit frustrating, it can mean the difference in having a good day or not.

Narrabeen Lake is improving day by day with good reports from anglers that the flathead are well and truly on the chew and while the whiting are still a little bit slow, things will improve dramatically as the water warms up.

With school holidays at the moment lots of young anglers are out and about on or beaches catching beach worms and having a lot of fun in the early morning chasing whiting and bagging themselves a feed while others are trying all manner of small hard bodied lures and plastics trying to snag a good flathead.

Inside the harbour the salmon are still chasing baitfish in large numbers and taking small lures while kingfish seem to be on the increase around our marker buoys and structures.

Along our headlands wash fishing for drummer in a good berley trail has had some very good results when the conditions have allowed and for anglers fishing large soft plastics just before daylight, the chance of a good snapper is always an option.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O’Hagan.

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Stuart Reid with a solid kingfish.

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