Report 17/11/17

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Report 17/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:37 pm

With summer on the way the fishing around Sydney has got a whole lot better with reports of Samson fish and mako sharks getting into the mix.
As the water temperature rises the fish will become a lot more active and increase in numbers giving anglers a great opportunity to get out there and have a fish whether it is fishing from the land or in a boat.

Sydney Harbour is fishing very well with bonito and salmon still chasing baitfish in large numbers on the surface and taking a mix of medium sized lures being trolled and metals being cast.

While it is exciting to be fishing these large schools there are times that moving away into a quieter location can produce some of the more sought after species like the mulloway and the king fish using some live baits.

Reports are coming in that Samson fish have turned up at some of our reefs and with mako sharks popping up in some angler’s berley trails it makes for an exciting day out.

Good sized snapper are still being taken in and around Long Reef on large plastics and well presented baits on light tackle but beware the mako is always looking a free feed and can destroy any light tackle with their amazing bursts of speed and acrobatic leaps into the air.

While fishing the beaches myself I have noticed that not too many anglers are prepared to weather the conditions as the wind seems to pop up every evening and people just stay in the comfort of the house but for those that make the effort to get out, there is a range of species available either side of the high tide.

In the evening as the light fades some of the best whiting can be taken and with flathead waiting for anything that is being washed out from the shallows, it is well worth the effort to put in a few hours along the beach.

Fishing Narrabeen as the tide runs in can be very rewarding with a lot of bream and whiting taking worms and strips of squid fished with a very light sinker. Although a lot of these fish are on the small size at the minute it is a great opportunity for people young and old to get out and perfect their skills and learn the art of fishing.

There have been reports of some mulloway being taken out of the lake in the evening but it is not a case of just turning up and you will catch one of these prized fish.

A lot of time and effort has been put in from these anglers to get the result.

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