Report 22/12/17

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Report 22/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:46 pm

Fishing in the Harbour continues to be top quality with bonito, tailor, kings and salmon all on the prowl chasing baitfish.

Surface action with small metals and stick baits seem to be working well for a lot of anglers from the heads to the Harbour Bridge… it is just a matter of following the birds to find the fish.

While catching live squid has been quiet lately the reports coming in are of bigger numbers being available for those fishing with small jigs in and around the weed beds and the Spit Bridge.

Time and effort put in to catch squid can be very rewarding as not many fish will refuse a fresh live bait being trolled or just drifted down without any weight.

On our rock platforms we still have lots of small rat kings and some very large ones available for those that put the effort in to get there just before dawn and fishing with some live baits.

Around Long Reef headland there have been some good catches of snapper around the 40 cm mark and with all of the bait that is available the predators have turned up in numbers to get in on the action.

Bronze whaler sharks and hammer heads have been reported from lots of anglers as they fish for other species, and while these can be a pest at times you can have a lot of fun watching your reel spin as they head into the sunset.

Beach fishing reports are good at the moment with whiting bream and flathead on most beaches from the Heads to Palm Beach for those fishing in the early morning and into the evening.

Manly Dam is in full flight with the bass hitting the cicadas as they fall from the trees.

Using a light rod and reel with a handful of surface lures should trigger a strike or two from some of the bass that are available.

Offshore fishing has been quiet this week with some boats getting out looking for some warmer water and maybe a mahi mahi in and around the fads.

Paul O Hagan

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