Report 19/1/18

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Report 19/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:44 pm

With the seas raging this week most of our anglers have been restricted to fishing inside the Harbour and from the land. Although that has been very successful for some, it should improve dramatically as the swell dies down. Kingfish, bonito and tailor still seem to be the dominant species at the moment while fishing in the Harbour taking a variety of baits and metal lures. While it is obvious at times where the fish are, sometimes it takes a lot of effort if the birds are not working the water.

Trolling small diving lures around North Head and Old Man’s Hat has been a very successful method to pick up tailor and bonito and while down rigging live baits in the same areas a nice kingfish or two is always a possibility.

Fishing North Harbour from the sand flats has been very productive with some nice flathead and lots of small tailor taking lures and baits just before dawn.

When the swell settles down it will be a great opportunity to pick up some nice snapper from the rocks as the snapper love to have the bottom all stirred up and will come in close to feed. A good berley trail and fishing a very small sinker in the wash can be a very good method to score some of these excellent table fish.

With all of the reports that have come in from boat anglers over the last few weeks marlin and mahi mahi have moved into the area in numbers and have been taken by many of our anglers not very far of shore. As the conditions settle over the weekend we will see an armada of boats heading out trolling some skirted lures and or down rigging some live baits in the hope of either picking up some nice dollies or even a small black marlin.

There has been good reports coming from our beaches with whiting and flathead being taken on the south side of Manly Beach and plenty of fun trying to tackle the abundance of dusky and bronze whalers as the sun goes down. Fishing for these small sharks in the evening with a wire trace and a good fillet of mullet or squid should see a few reels screaming as these fish will fight hard and not give up easily.

Paul O Hagan

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