Report 3/5/18

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Report 3/5/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu May 03, 2018 4:26 pm

Lakes Entrance
Myer Street jetty has Trevally biting on pilchard and blue bait. The other town jetties have Mullet taking worm. Bullock Island on incoming tide for Salmon and Tailor taking lures. Offshore out wide for Swordfish. Six and Eight Mile Reefs for “Pinkies”. Flathead and “Gummy” are being caught closer to the shore.

Lake Tyers
Best time for good size Snapper and Trevally is before sun rise and after dusk. Bait of choice being pilchard. The top end of the Nowa Nowa Arm for Bream and Garfish.

Mitchell River
Try grassy banks, the cut and the river mouth for Bream biting on spider crab and prawn. The highway bridge area and back waters for Garfish taking worm.

Tambo River
The snags and the three gums for Bream and the “odd” Flathead. Punthouse Point and towards Bennet’s Brook is worth a look. Best bait being shrimp and prawn.

The boat ramp and the two bridges are best for Bream. The tyres and the cliff are also worth a look. Best bait being shrimp, prawn and worm.

The best spot for Flathead is around the boardwalk biting on frozen local prawn. Give Nungurner a try for Whiting.

At the moment, the best spot for Bream, Whiting and Flathead is McMillan Strait. Best bait being shrimp.

Holland’s Landing
For Bream the McLennan Strait is the best place to be with prawn as preferred bait.

Offshore on the shelf for Swordfish as well as Flathead, “Gummies” and Snapper. Bream and Mullet are in the river system. Surf beach for Salmon and Tailor on pilchard, popper and lures.

Bemm River
The lake is fishing well for Bream up around the 1.2kg mark. Some Luderick taking worm. Tailor chasing hard body lures in the channel and lake system. Salmon on the surf around 2.8kg biting on pilchard, white bait and popper.

Tamboon Inlet
Bream are cruising around the river mouth at mud point in the shallows. Dusky Flathead taking soft plastics and prawn. Surf for Salmon on pilchard and poppers.

The Betka River entrance for Salmon on pilchard and poppers. The Bottom Lake for Flathead on shrimp. Fisheries jetty for Tailor taking white bait and pilchard. Top Lake has Flathead chasing lures.

Omeo High Country
Still no rain, as a result fishing is a bit quiet. For best results in the river system use soft plastics, flies and hoppers.

Compiled by Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre. For information for your holiday conference or event, call 1800 637 060, email or visit Both the Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale Visitor Information Centres issue Recreational Fishing Licenses.

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