Report 20/10/18

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Report 20/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:05 pm

Starting at Corner Inlet, the good news is its Snapper Time! In the past week, the snapper have come on the chew pretty well. This coincides with a bit of an increase in the water temperature of the inlet. In the main channels, the temp is around 16 degrees and up to 17 odd degrees in the shallows inside. The snapper have been going well in the Toora, Franklin and the entrance and most of the snapper have been good sized and ranging anywhere from 4kg to 8kg. The top baits have been fresh calamari, the reason being is that there is a plague of calamari inside the inlet at the moment, so its been really easy to get a few fresh squid for bait before you got out on the snapper grounds, pillies have also accounted for a few reds this week as well. There are also good numbers of gummies getting caught inside now and most of them are around the 3 foot to 1 meter mark with some anglers getting some bigger ones as well. As stated before, the calamari are in ridiculous numbers inside and its been very easy to get your bag limit of 10 squid per person in the Lewis channel and surrounds. The prime colors have been the red foils, white and whiting colors and size 3.5 have been better suited to welshpool, to get the jig down to the bottom in the strong tides. Even if you don't have a boat, its doesn't matter, there's stacks of squid to be caught off the jetties as well, you might just have to put a sinker on the jig as well to get it down quicker.

At Port Albert, Anglers fishing in whale bay are smashing the gummy sharks and they are spread right around to Mann's beach and McLaughlin's beach offshore. Whale bay and out the front of Port Albert entrance are fishing well at around 10-13m of water. Squid and pillies being the best baits.
Inside Port Albert the calamari are in plaque proportion as well with everyone finding it easy to get there bag limit on size 3.0 and 3.5 Yamashita Live jigs. And for you whiting guys, the good news is they are now on the chew. Last season was dismal for the whiting but in the past 2 weeks they have come on the chew and anglers targeting the whiting have been getting up to a dozen whiting per session, mostly on the run-in tide. Pippis and Bass yabbies being the best baits. In other news, the big blue-spot Flathead have just come on the chew with the water temp rise and anglers using soft plastics around Port Albert, Mann's beach and McLaughlin's beach have been smashing big Flathead to 60cm mark. 3-inch and 4-inch plastics such as Z-man, Berkley and Squidgy Bio-Tough plastics have been doing the damage.

Had a good session on the snapper after work on Tuesday this week. The fish bit well on the run in tide in rainy conditions. We landed 3 Reds for the session, the biggest went 82cm around 7Kg and the other 2 weren't too far off that either. 2 were caught on fresh squid that we caught earlier and 1 was on pilchard.

This is what we have been looking for. Pretty much guaranteed to be a good snapper. Its worth taking the time to sound up fish rather than just anchoring anywhere, especially early in the season.

Troy Frost with a good sized gummy caught in the Franklin Channel.

The squid are everywhere at the moment, not hard to find especially on flat calm days. This one took a yamashita Love jig in size 3.5.

Troy Pool had a great day fishing with his young bloke at Port Welshpool where they landed this monster flathead weighing nearly 3kg.

Lain Panarby with a big Gummy caught just outside Port Albert entrance in 12m of water.

Brett Leggett caught this good bag of gummies and a few squid at Port albert a few weeks ago.

Russ with a good hawl of whiting caught at Port Albert a couple of days ago. they were all caught on pippis on the run in tide.

90 Mile Beach
Matt Reid with a big seven gill shark caught a couple of weeks ago at Seaspray.

Some good sized blue spot flathead have just started getting caught again on the 90 mile. Dave Wilkenson caught this one last week at Golden Beach.

Shane Wedrowicz with a big seven gill shark caught at paradise beach.

John Moon with a cracking local brown trout caught on worms.

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