Report 17/9/15

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Report 17/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:09 pm

Another great week of fishing Inside at Port Albert. A brief overview: Plenty of Whiting still and they are only gonna get more and more prolific from now on as the water has bumped up 2 degrees since this little hot spell of weather. We saw bigger whiting this week with numerous reports of whiting to mid 40cm now (not just 30cm models) but...still heaps of undersized ones aswell and lots of mid sized 35cm specimens too. Also the flatties are getting more numerous now. Anglers catching half a dozen or so flatties to 35cm in the Port Albert and snake channel on the run out, heaps of berley needed to razz them up as the waters still a degree or 2 too cold. On the Temp- we saw the temp gauge nudge 14 degrees in the shallower water in the arvo (did i just hear someone say snapper) yep, have a crack guys....The snapper will be there guaranteed, we just need that magic water temp to induce a bite, so with weather like we had on the weekend....Someone will catch one!

Unlike in winter when we were catching 27cm whiting one after the other...This week we managed whiting to 42cm again and i had a few customers catch over half a dozen 40cm plus models in a single session. The whiting are pretty thick now, we are catching them on both the run in and run out now. pippis and squid has been the best bait.

Brief Overview: Port Albert has been getting all the press lately because of the whiting, but as you will see from the photos, Port Welshpool should be getting more attention. Inside there's plenty of squid. Those big Calamari we saw last year have just started with anglers catching one or 2 big ones mixed in with heaps of small bait sized and medium eaters. Offshore has produced much bigger squid around the prom and islands but are hit and miss with some anglers smashing them and some getting none. On the drift in 36 meters to 42 meters there are as many flathead as you like with everyone bagging out on the weekend with that beautiful summer weather we had. The flathead were up to 55cm and averaged 35cm. Mixed species of flathead including blue spot, sandys and a couple of tigers. 27m and deeper seemed to be better but a few anglers caught 20 or so flatties on the drift out front of whale bay in 22 meters as well, so that tells me they are starting to move in closer now. Heaps of coutta out really wide and east most anglers told me and they have been there for a while now and are getting bigger so Im told. Good bait, would be worth stocking up on those.
SNAPPER: 1 confirmed snapper report from yesterday 13th SEP, i had a confirmed report of a 7kg snapper caught inside corner inlet by accident and i have another unconfirmed report of a few snapper caught inside Corner Inlet on the 13th Sep by good customer Ashley. (lucky buggers). The gummies have been good as well, with some thumpers to 20kg plus caught on the drift on the flathead grounds in 30 plus meters. Use snapper snatchers for the flatties and running sinker rigs with fresh baits for the big gummies.

Brief Overview: Since the lifting of the boating restrictions 2 weeks ago, Blue Rock Lake has received much more attention this week and are starting to see the potential this lake ha too offer. We heard of a few good trout reports with some anglers catching 3 or 4 nice brown trout and couple of reports of fish nudging the 50cm mark as well but most between 35cm and 45cm. The bass are still quiet unless your sound up a school of them and drop a worm into them, they will happily eat that. But to get them on lures, you need to seriously put some effort in whilst the water is still cold.

Seriously has to be one of the most productive trout openings in years. The trout in our Gippsland area have had a rough trot over the past 3 years but it looks like they are back in force this season. Our little strezlecki streams all fished well and the rivers had great flows with a slight milky tinge making it easier too sneak up on a trout. The streams in the other side of the hills including the Maclaister, Wellington and Tanjil Rivers all fished well. The wellington had really good reports of plenty of brown trout caught on Mapso's and Celtas, whilst the Macalister fished better with worms as usual on trout opening. The strezlecki streams are made for the fly fisherman at the moment with good little rapids an bubble streams all holding 25cm to 32cm browns that are responding really well to bead head nymphs, but if lures are more your style, small celtas and mapso's are well, I had more luck on little 2 inch soft plastics fished on a 1/20oz jighead. The Berkley power minnow worked best for me, but other anglers reported the berkley 1 inch nymphs to be good as well.

I went up Traralgon Creek during trout opening just to see how it was going and i was pleasantly surprised. I hooked 5 but i'm a bit rusty and couldn't manage to get any to the bank. The water flow was perfect, couldn't ask for better but of course that was all timing and it certainly wont look like that over summer. Never the less its good now!

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Gippsland Trout stocking meeting and was given the opportunity to contribute some input into the stocking program for this year. If you guys are still reading ill give a bit of background info, hopefully my memory i up to scratch. The state governments Target One Million Angler Program has been put in place, and like removing the boating restrictions in Blue Rock...another strategy too help reach this target is too increase stocking of Fish in Victoria to 5 million fish by 2018 (hope i remembered that one right guys!) Anyway, a lot of those fish are trout and bass but i'll be blunt most of the trout are not coming too Gippland (except for Blue rock) in which i voted on growing the blue rock trout fishery and asked for trout stocking to be increased here. As for the rest of gippsland, Lake Glenmaggie will get get a few thousand rainbows and the Macalister above Glenmaggie will get a few thousand trout as well. But..., What we are getting is a heap of bass, actually.....all the bass! Gippsland has had a heap of bass stocked over the past 5 years and we are going to get approx 120,000 thousand more within the year. So in short, basically any river you can think of in Gippsland is going to get stocked with bass, there were a few little streams added to the list for 2015 that will get a few thousand bass fry, even though there were a heap of streams added at the meeting last year which all got stocked in Dec 2014. (Traralgon creek included). Sorry to ramble on... but Last year Traralgon creek got 3000 bass and it looks as if we will get a few more thousand as well, which is great news. The other hundred odd thousand bass are getting stocked into nearly every river between Moe and Lakes Entrance. Start stocking up on bass lures!

A Little bit further away from home, but my good mate Mo is always keeping me upto date with his neck of the woods in PPB and Western Port. This week, they have started catching some bigger snapper and have caught them upto 5.5kg at PPB in the past week. In WP he has bagged out on really big calamari this week as well.

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Mark Henning with a big Calamari caught offshore from Port Welshpool on Sunday during that good weather.
Stuey with a 155cm gummy caught off Port Welshpool on Sunday.
Brendan King sent these pics after a trip to Port Albert on Friday 11th September.
Leo caught these big flatties offshore on Friday off Port Welshpool whilst drifting. They are some serious lizards for offshore. Looks like its the place to be at the moment.

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