Report 30/9/15

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Report 30/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:43 pm

How's this run of weekend weather! Great for the weekend fisherman. All the stars have aligned on the weekend lately. Sun down tide changes and rising barometer coupled with low winds, no wonder we have heard so many reports of snapper and shark. A quick overview, this weeks reports included more snapper, most of which were around 6kg. Gummy sharks, some big (INSIDE CAUGHT) Southern Bluespot flathead, whiting and plenty of squid again.

Me and Shane Wedrowicz thought we would go to Welshpool on Wednesday for an early season red. We launched at about 3:30pm and it was blowing a gale from the south straight across the inlet at about 20+knots. We thought we would have a squid drift first for some fresh bait but the water was filthy from that southerly wind and it was all but impossible to keep the jig down and free of weed, so after about 10 mins i put it in the too hard basket and said, let's just hit the franklin now. Good old pillies and a couple of squid heads from last week and few week old frozen salmon from Manns beach will do. So we sounded up the franklin and found this little beauty below!
So we thought this was a decent spot to try for an early red, because that was a dead set snapper on the sounder. The problem is when you see snapper that high in the water column it's usually not a good sign that you are going to catch it, but worth a shot anyway.

It took all of 5 minutes and the rod buckled over... port jackson shark! 2 mins later again... port jackson shark. This repeated another 6 times. Oh well, not bored i guess! Then banjo shark... then another banjo shark... then another banjo shark. Then the tide started to slow, it was almost full high, the wind started to ease (as usual on the tide change). The rod with a Snapper Whacker on it got some weird looking bites, different from the banjos and porties. I set the hook and the fish on the other end went berserk with those characteristic snapper head shakes, then pulled the hook moments later. Damn! Then Shane's rod buckles over, again with a Snapper Whacker, the new candy color... and a minute later up comes a 97cm gummy.
Then the rod with the Snapper Whacker went off again, this time buckling over and screaming off at a hundred mile an hour and with some big head shakes......line goes slack... i wind up... hook missing. Bitten Off! OK there something with teeth around!

So i rigged up a long leader with a 7/0 KL hook and cut off a chunk of salmon. By this time it's dark as, probably about 8:30pm and sea lice were pretty bad and we were having to change our baits about every 2 minutes. The wind had stopped completely and it was glass calm and the tide was slowly trickling out. Small sinkers now and i put a small chunk of salmon on and just dropped it straight into the pilly cube trail I had made for the past 15 mins. About 5 mins later, the rod tip smashed down 3 times and screamed off and this thing was going nuts screaming off line, then going slack, massive massive head shakes going under the boat upstream -- all the shark stuff. Then bitten off again. Then things went quiet, we were nearly out of bait due to the sea lice and cubing. We caught about another 6 port jacksons and banjos, then time to go home with a nice gummy in the pot! Sorry for the long story! - Will

Mark Cattanach from the Thorpdale and District Angling Club caught these 2 big reds at Port Welshpool on Sunday 27th Sep. Along with these 2 snapper, he caught 2 gummies, 6 calamari and a few flathead.
Other customer reports: "I got a nice bag of whiting at Welshy today, so they must be through the whole south gippy system now. FYI there were a couple of 5-6kg reds back at the ramp as well." - Stu Tennant

"I had a great day at port Albert today. I got 6 EP's to 40cm and 15 good size flatties, one of which was 64cm. Caught them all on vibes!" - Mark Ramsey

"Went over to Port Albert today, there were a lot of boats around. I got 10 whiting, one of which was 40cm." - Clint jones

This customer caught a heap of squid at Port Albert on sunday. They are getting bigger now, plenty of squid with hood lengths well over 30cm.
Local 16-year-old angler Jack Leeson from Willow Grove has claimed first prize ($500.00 Allways Angling Bait & Tackle Gift Voucher) for capturing one of 12 tagged bass at Blue Rock Lake. Angler access to Blue Rock Lake was recently improved when boating rules were changed; vessels of any length and carrying any engine size can now operate on the lake, although a 15 knot speed limit applies.
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