Report 12/10/15

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Report 12/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:58 am

Sorry for the lateness of this one. The shop has been flat out and i've been fishing heaps and its taken up heaps of time, i also killed my phone that had all my reports on photos on it for this issue!

The snapper are inside corner inlet now, we heard of at least 10 snapper caught this week from the Franklin, Toora and a couple of big reds in the entrance. The squid really fired up and we saw models over 1kg this week and also some anglers managed to bag out on multiple occasions. The big thing was water temperature. In the past week the water temp hit 16 degrees and above which got the snapper biting and also better numbers of big flathead and a few gummies and toothy critters including a few seven gills and even a white pointer in the franklin!

Shane Wedrowicz and myself fished the Franklin Channel on wednesday where we landed a gummy shark. It took a whole pilly fished on one of those gamakatsu running sinker rigs that you can buy pre-made. It took the bait a few hours into the run out just after the sun went down.
We then had a better hook up later into the night about an hour before low tide and it put up a good show for a 7 gill, we actually thought it was a really big gummy from the fight but just turned out to be this big giller. We ended up catching another smaller 5 foot one about 2 hours later during the run in tide. There have been plenty of these guys around as is usual for September. Surprising they both took snapper snatcher rigs as well. The circle hook lodged in the corner of the mouth, which is the only reason we didn't get bitten off.
Mark and Scott Henning have been putting in the effort at Port Welshpool over the past week. On Friday 2nd Oct they had a cracker arvo session landing 3 big snapper measuring 80cm and dropping a couple of others. Awesome catch for so early in the season.
I fished Port Welshpool on Monday the 4th of October after a failed trip the day earlier when the brake caliper snapped off an got lodged in the disc and locked the brakes up on one wheel burning off all the rubber in a matter of about 50 meters. Luckily this legend of a bloke pulled over to help us out and dislodge the broken caliper so that the wheel could spin again and the following us home just in case the other one shit itself. A new tire Monday morning, it was take 2, and we headed for welshy again for the evening tide change which was at around 7:30pm. With a million rods out the back to increase the chances ;) the one with a snapper snatcher on it with a piece of squid buckled over and it was an early season 65cm red. We had stuff all other bites, just a dog shark (looks like a little school shark with a massive eye and a large spike hidden in there dorsal fin just to booby trap ya!), a barracoutta and a banjo.
PORT ALBERT- Again the whiting went well this week and plenty of anglers caught up to 20 per session. Most guys said there were a lot of undersized ones amongst them again, but most anglers managed to catch up to 5 really big whiting of up to 43cm mixed in with the smaller ones. The Squid have been going good, some anglers bagging out an others close too. Run in tie seems to be the go for em and Lastly, the big bluespot flathead came on the bite with that hot weather we had. We saw flatties up to 65cm caught on soft plastics.

Shane Wedrowicz caught this big Calamari at Port Albert recently. It was one of five Calamari over a four hour period as they were only active for 20 minutes or so at the top of the tide. Shane said he fished with a friend who used cheap squid jigs and caught none, so it goes to show that using better quality jigs pays off (Shane was using Yamashitas).
Reader report: "Fished western port with a good friend of mine Friday 2nd October. Was a slow morning but managed one snapper that went 750mm, 6 kg. it inhaled a salmon fillet on a 6/0 8/0 snelled rig. A little while later I hooked up to something to only get bitten of seconds into the fight. On goes another hook and piece of salmon and sent back to the bottom. 2 minutes later, a solid bite then nothing. Wind in to discover my hook is gone again. At the same time my mate pulled in one of his rigs to fine his bottom hook was also bitten off. Rightio on goes the steel another large chunk of salmon and back to the bottom it went. 10 minutes later we are pulling all the other rods in and winching anchor to chase this thing. End result was a 7 giller well over 7 foot long and to heavy for me to lift. Inside its mouth were both my hooks, my mates hook and a circle hook from somewhere else. It also spewed up a couple gummy fins and some large whiting heads." - Matthew Portelli

Jamie Kemp had a good little flatty session at Mcloughlins beach using Berkley Pumpkinseed 3 inch power minnow soft platics fished on a 1/6oz and 1/4oz jighead. He ended up with 10 nice flatties and a few tailor as well. He fished the stretch between Mcloughlin's and Mann's.

Jamie Kemp had a ripper day up the Macalister river where he landed 7 nice brown trout and spooked countless other ones. He said the Mapso spinners where by far the best lures of the day, they tried a few others as well but the Mapso's were unbeatable and the trout couldnt resist them.
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