Report 23/10/15

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Report 23/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:59 am

More snapper this week. Multiple catches of reds now and a variety of sizes anywhere from smaller table pinkies of 40cm plus all the way to 80cm models. Two main locations include the Toora and Franklin channels but there have been a few better sized reds caught in the entrance as well. The water temperature is crazy warm for this time of year with it averaging 17 degrees now inside and offshore around the prom is around 15 degrees.

The gummy sharks are going really well now inside with plenty of 3-4ft gummies being caught an hour either side of the tide. Speaking of tide changes, this week was the new moon so we had really small tides and not much current. Most of the snapper were actually caught mid tide and even some in the middle of the day when the current was strongest. In saying this there were still half a dozen snapper caught near slack water. The squid have been going the best out of everything and chasing calamari has been a sure way to get a feed. Anglers are catching their 10 pretty easily now provided conditions aren't too windy. Those strong south westers do make it tough to catch the squid.

On Monday 12th i took Pete out for a fish to Port Welshpool. I left work at 3pm so we could catch the 7:00pm low tide. It was blowing a howling south wester making it really hard to anchor as it blows you straight across the channel. Took 3 goes to anchor, we ended up anchoring shallow in around 8m and just let out a heap of rope to get into around 15-16m of water anyway it seemed to hold bottom after that. Water temp was high -- mid 17 degree temps. This is insane for this time of year and i remember this exact week last year we were only reading 14 degrees. As the tide started too slow Pete's rod buckled over and hit the water. He could barely get the rod out of his rod holder (loosen ya drag Pete), after about 5 to 10 seconds of a massive fight and this fish going berzerk....SNAP! 30lb braid busted (again....loosen ya drag Pete). Check out the sounder shot I took. A massive school of snapper and some good fish mixed in right under the boat!
So i immediately start cubing pilchards and creating a steady stream of cubes to hold the fish under us. We had 5 rods out, only 1 had squid on it, the rest pilchards and i set up an unweighted 7/0 KL hook with a pilchard cube on it and drifted it down the cube trail. NOTHING. We sat there with all these fish under the boat and couldn't get another hook up. It started to get dark and the tide started to change very slowly due to the new moon, and Pete had a couple of bites and hooked this 45cm pinky. No more after that.
Then it was my turn. A couple of good bites on the chartreuse snapper snatcher with squid on it and i pulled a nice 4ft gummy in. Then about 15 minutes after that got some good bites again, this time on the Gamakatsu running sinker rig with a whole pilchard and up comes a 4.5ft gummy, was happy as with that one. The wind really started increasing after that and it was pitch black dark and low tide and we knew we couldn't take the short cut back into the Lewis and had to go through 5 ways (that sucked). Went home with 2 good gummies a pinky and a few flatties.
Reader report: "Hey Will, we headed over to welshpool on saturday right after that big lightening storm. We anchored up about half way through the run in tide. Just as the tide started to slow down between 5:00pm and 6:00pm one rod buckled over and it was a 72cm snapper. Shortly after we caught a smaller pinky about 45cm then at about 7:00pm mum was lucky enough to land a big red of 62cm as well. Whilst we were catching the snapper we caught some big flathead as well, so we went home with a feed and a half. All fish were caught on snapper snatchers and those Fin-nor reels i bought off ya are absolutely awesome, they worked a treat. - Ben Barnes"
Reader report: "Hey Will, i fished in Cals new Barcrusher the other night down the Toora, we fished from 3:00pm Saturday till 6:00am Sunday and only caught 1 gummy. Was very quiet but the boat next to us left just after we got there and came over and he had 2 big snapper that he said he caught at about 2:00pm mid tide. On a better note, we fished Singapore deep earlier in the day and there were big salmon everywhere. We caught them from 8 meters of water to 28 meters of water and you could catch them every cast. They were huge, nothing under 1.5kg and there were fish there too 3kg. Awesome fun! - Wadey"
Again the whiting went well this week and plenty of anglers caught up to 20 per session. Most guys said there were a lot of undersized ones amongst them again, but most anglers managed to catch up to 5 really big whiting of up to 43cm mixed in with the smaller ones. The Squid have been going good, some anglers bagging out an others close too. Run in tie seems to be the go for em and Lastly, the big bluespot flathead came on the bite with that hot weather we had. We saw flatties up to 65cm caught on soft plastics.

Scott Henning caught 1 snapper and 2 gummies yesterday Sunday 18th Oct at Port Welshpool.
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