Report 30/10/15

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Report 30/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:00 am

The snapper went pretty well again this week with anglers reporting double and triple hookups and some anglers lucky enough to even get their bag of snapper. The water is really warm inside with most channels showing around 17.8 degrees on average. The Toora, Franklin and the entrance definitely produced the most snapper, with multiple hookups occurring in the entrance and the Toora channel, with the Franklin producing single fish often but good sized ones. Squid and pilchards have been the best baits, but i would maybe say more fish have been caught on pillies so far. Running sinker has been effective but I'd have to say paternoster rigs have been accounting for most of the fish from anglers I've spoken too and from my own trips as well. Just run both (solves the problem). Sizes vary, big fish are being caught in all 3 of the above locations but we are seeing a fair few pinkies of around 45cm in the Toora aswell, while singapore deep is producing mainly big fish.

Offshore, the pinkies have been in 22m off rabbit island and out wider in 30m there are flathead galore and some really good ones as well, including bluespots! The water temp drops to about 16.5 degrees in 22m and once you hit 30m its plummets back to around 14.8 degrees. Squid are going great inside and around the prom, with some pearlers nudging 2kg.

On Tuesday 21st Oct, I headed out to Welshpool with the 2 Shanes. We left Traralgon at 3am and were on the water at dark, we headed towards the Toora channel. We had a bit of a sound around but couldn't see anything, so we gunned it too the Franklin and anchored at halfway shoal as i could see up at boat city at the top. There was a heap of boats so we stayed back away from the pack. Was about an hour away from the tide change, wind was blowing eastley and didn't turn a reel for the whole change, just a few little flatties. Tide turned and it was wind against tide and was horrible so we headed to the entrance to go out wide. We got out to the islands and there was 2 whales playing around. Braeton and a few of his mates went out a few days later and said the whales were still there and took this great photo.
But back to our trip. We decided to have a drift for flatties since the wind had died right off. We stayed around the 30m mark and it didn't take long to get the first flatty. In this particular spot it was 16ish degrees but our first drift in 40m was a lot colder and fluctuated between 14.5 and 15.2 degrees. As the day went on the temp gauge went up with the sun. We did a few drifts and caught about 30 flathead using snapper snatchers and pillies. We caught heaps of gurnard and bearded rockcod when we hit reef, plus this massive 2.5kg leather jacket.
We then came back in a bit closer towards rabbit island and drifted in 22m over the reef there. We didn't get any flatties there but we did get 2 nice pinky snapper of 39cm and 45cm. There was also tonnes of gurnard and wrasse there as well as usual. The water was warmer in close saying around 17 degrees. After that we decided to chase the squid as it was near on slack low tide. We had a ball landing 26 calamari and Shane getting his PB of 1.8kg. The thing measured nearly 1m overall and had a hood length of 43cm.
You know your are on a thick patch of squid when you get 3 on at once. The jigs we used were all Yamashita Squid Jigs. Shane used the natural mullet color in a 2.5". He actually got 7 in 7 casts which would have to be be some sort of record. I used the Yamashita KGW (Whiting color) in 3.5" and other Shane used the KGW color in a 3'0" size. All worked probably equally well. Maybe the smaller ones were more effective as the tide slowed and became slack.
A quick stop before leaving. 1 running sinker, 3 paternoster rigs one of which was a snapper snatcher and all rods went off at once. A school of snapper had come past. I got mine up to thee boat an it snapper=d the hook in half. (a lesson is not changing your hooks after drifting the reefs all day out wide catching gurnard, cod and leather jackets). 3 on now, Shane landed a 77cm one (see below) above and the other 2 got off as the hooks pulled. Not sure how, Shane had one on for a good 2 mins, it was a top fish... then the hooks pulled. Anyways, not a bite after that but it didn't matter a great day was had.

Braeton had a cracker of a night fishing welshpool on Friday. He landed 10 snapper and releasing 4 of them. he said an hour before the top of the high tide was when it all happened. The biggest fish measured 83cm and weighed 6.4kg.
I Fished out of Port Albert with Shane Wedrowicz on Oct 28th. Was a howling easterly when we got there at about 10:30am. Had a Dinner to go to that night, so had be back in Traralgon by 5:00pm. Aim was for a feed of whiting. It was run in tide, and the channels were full of weed, that slimy stuff that coats your line, the same as you get off the surf. Was horrible and all but impossible to fish but we gave it a shot. Shane manged 2 whiting just but constantly recasting. We had to keep moving, eventually the tide slowed and we had tried around 4 spots by now picking up 2 to 3 whiting and small flathead at a time. I rang up my mate Mo the guru and asked for a spot that might produce a few extra fish in the strong easterly. So i did what he said and we moved and managed about another dozen whiting where he said to go. I thought i'd be sneaky and rigged up another light rod with a paternoster rig and cast it out wide into the channel as it had just turned and was starting to trickle out. In 2 minutes, the rod buckled and straight away the characteristic head shakes of a snapper. Fought hard on the lighter rod and in shallow water. Ended being a 49cm Red and about 2.2kg. I recast and got another one within 30 seconds, it was 47cm. I recast and got an eagle ray! So we finshed off with 19 whiting and 2 small snapper. Gotta love Port Albert and the shallow water fishing with light gear! A big thanks to Mo as well for the tips! - Will
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