Report 27/11/15

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Report 27/11/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:27 pm

The snapper are about but tough. Some anglers are doing really well and mostly it seems the mornings have been the time to fish for the snapper. prime time has been 2 hours before the top of the high and then again about 2 hours before the bottom of the low. In between... i would up anchor and go chase whiting, squid or flatties. The snapper are anywhere from pinkies to 80cm models, the Franklin channel and the entrance have been the best spots and most fish are being caught in 18m to 30m. A massive snapper was seen caught at buoy 2, a few customers that saw the fish were told by the angler that it was 15kg (30 odd pounds). The gummies are going better than anything and the entrance between buoy 6 and 2 seem to be the go. The whiting have been amazing as well, a good mate Stuey Tennant has been bagging out nearly every time using pipis and squid during the run in tide and start of the run out as well.

Reader reports:

"Andy Jenkins took Damien Kessner and myself (Colin McLaughlin) out for a fish Thursday night around 1030pm, fished just outside the entrance at Welshpool all night, thunder lightening and a little rain but the water stayed very comfortable, but we only picked up 1 flattie and lots of rays, banjos and port Jacksons trying to raz up a gummy or two, moved on daylight closer to snake island an picked up some good flatties all around 45cm and bagged out on gummys just before the rain came down on us and sent us home happy fisherman."
"Thursday morning I met Ben Barnes at the welshpool ramp at 430am to take me out for a fish in the new boat and catch me a welshpool snapper, and he come through with putting me on the goods, up the Franklin channel I landed this 80cm red and a gummy, then we shot out to the entrance area and I picked up a couple of good flatties and 2 more gummys. Ben and Andy also added some good fish to the bag before we got blown off the water in the arvo, water was around 18c. Many thanks to Ben and Andy for the invite"
"Fished the franklin channel early Sunday morning. The start of the run out seemed to be the best with all fish caught in a space of an hour. No monsters but still good fun on light tackle." - Jason Vella
"i fished 4 days over at welshpool from saturday throught o tuesday 17th Nov. I took out a few different people and fished good and bad conditions. We had one really good day on the snapper in Franklin channel; where we landed 5 snapper to 5.7kg. Another day we caught 2 gummies in the entrance and a few flatties, i did a solo trip and caught a couple of snapper to 3kg and a nice gummy in the Franklin again and the last day we targeted whiting and bagged out on whiting to 37cm by 8:00am and was back in early." - Stu Tennant
Dave Johnston from the Thorpdale and District Angling Club fished over the weekend with his family. They caught around 7 gummies for the few days, his daughter Casey being lucky enough to catch her first gummy aswell. dave said the entrance fished really well 2 hours either side of the tide and wa throwing back gummy sharks left right and centre.
The beach is finally fishing awesome. This week has been great. The weed has pretty much gone with only little bits stuck on your line. stacks of gummies and big flatties have been caught both day and night. squid, eel and bluebait and surf poppers have been the best. Golden beach has been the bet for gummies, whilst Reeves beach has produced plenty of big flatties. A mixture of both at McGauran and Seaspray.

"Windy at times and some weed about but some good windows of opportunity have presented at Reeves Beach.At low ride you can walk over the first bar and cast over the second bar and find some nice flatties to 56cm. I caught 6 on monday and 2 on tuesday on bluebait and surf poppers" - Graeme Eastburn
Justin Shankland has had a couple of good trips this week. On one night he landed 7 gummy sharks at Golden Beach and then 2 gummy sharks the next. He has been using cured eel for bait and long distance cast rigs. Shane Jackson also had a good night on Tuesday at Golden Beach where he landded 2 nice gummies and a few baby school sharks on squid fished on a black magic distance cast rig. There also been a few cat sharks and the odd salmon as well.
Lee Rayner has a good session at the Pipeline Of Lakes Entrance as well on Monday. He landed some quality snapper to 8kg and was lucky enough to catch the big crayfish as well. Fresh Barracoutta was the go as bait and he landed his biggest snapper on a live slimy mackeral that he jigged up.
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