Report 21/1/16

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Report 21/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:58 pm

The water temp is high now, we are seeing water temps of around 21 degrees and you what that means: KINGIES! BUT first... gummies galore at the minute, the entrance has been producing a stack of gummy shark of 1 to 1.2 meters in length in the entrance between number 6 and number 2 bouys. The Franklin has been equally good with the gummies, there's heaps of 2 and a half to 3 footers there at the moment and anglers are getting as many as 6 in a session. Tide hasn't been all that important but plenty of fish are getting caught with high flow (mid tide) and the typical slack water gummy as well. Anglers getting big gummy numbers are berleying hard.

Snapper! Well pinkies now, there are pinkies everywhere! You will get them off the jetties, the Lewis, Toora, Franklin, Benno...everywhere! Small undersized ones in the shallows mixed in with the whiting and legal 28cm to 50cm models in the toora franklin and parts of the Lewis in the deeper sections. Heres a tip.... drop a lighter 4kg rod down under the boat with a paternoster rig with size 4 lon shanks or small circles or size 1 octopus hooks (small hooks...but not too small) and you will get a feed of legal sized pinkies anywhere up to 50cm guaranteed. The Toora and Franklin has been especially good for this. The big snapper will turn up again shortly but there has been 1 or 2 big snapper still caught over the past 2 weeks but mostly pinkies.

The whiting are still going very well. Just keep casting around till you find them or berley hard. Pipis and squid have been the best baits but most of the whiting are medium sized between 30cm and 36cm with the odd stonker mixed in.

Kingies have been seen busting up on bait schools just like salmon and in saying that there has been massive salmon as well in the entrance smashing bait schools. Most of the kingies are undersize at around 58cm with the odd legal mixed in. Bigger kingies have been offshore around the prom and i have seen some larger fish of 12kg caught in the past 2 weeks mainly by jigging knife jigs or live baiting.

The reefs are loaded with pan sized pinkies of up to 45cm and are taking pilchards but i urge anyone to have a crack of this micro jigging as it's been a lot of fun using light gear and getting a mixed bag of everything from pinkies, kingies, leatherjackets and snook as well as a range of undesirables.

Andy Fished the entrance at Corner inlet early morning and caught this quality Red just before slack tide in the deep water. Theres still the odd big 'un getting around but get ready for the next 2 weeks as we see that next run of Mega Reds....Last Feb there were multiple snapper caught over 10kg in the entrance.
Joe Keenan caught this quality bag of fish including meter gummy and a heap of flathead out wide on the reefs on the drift. as he came back though the entrance on the way home, there were birds diving everywhere so joe cast out some gillies baitfish metal slugs and caught a heap of good salmon up to 1.5kg.
"Shane Wedrowics and I fished the other night, it was pretty windy, broke the welds on my rocket launcher. Headed down the toora and got a feed of pinkies to 47cm and a large channel whiting the same size (barrel whiting the new term!) then i got a 99cm gummy. We ended up fishing with lighter 4-6kg 7ft rods with light 15lb paternoster rigs but put size 4 long shanks on them and tiny bits of squid. We instantly started catching 30cm pinkies, so it's a good idea to try that in summer even in the deep water and who knows, you could catch a heap of those big whiting doing that. We were in around 15m where we got that big whiting. Then we made a quick stop in the Lewis channel for some more whiting but got plagued with undersized pinkies and then caught a few legal sized ones as well, but shane was lucky enough to have a kingfish take his whiting rig on his whiting rod with a little piece of squid on it, which he landed and was 58cm."
No need to go too far for the kings; plenty around at the moment. This one took a Storm Arashi Stickbait (a floating walk the dog style bibbless like a popper, but zigzags on the surface rather than splashes water). Easily the most fun and way to catch any fish if you can, surface lure fishing is awesome and scares the crap out of ya when the fish smashes the lure on the surface. Use these sorts of lures when you see any fish busting up on the surface whether its kingies, salmon or tuna!
Here's a pic of Shane Jackson with another kingy. This one took a ZMan soft plastic and the inlay pic in the corner is one that ate a Jackson Gallop 60g metal slug.
Quick rundown on all the lures we have caught kingies on in the past 3 weeks: Jerkshad style soft plastics (z man and gulp), Storm stickbaits (Arashi's, Z sticks and So-Runs), Gillies Baitfish, Jackson Gallops, Koika Micro jigs, PSalms stickbaits, Williamson Jet Poppers and X-Rap Walks. Hope this gives you an idea on what lures to take if you want to have a crack at them.
I got out offshore again and did some more micro jigging using the 60g Koika jigs, caught a few more nice pinkies to 45cm and a heap more crap fish aswell. Even caught a banjo shark on the micro jig. I think on flat days with little currant the lighter jigs will be way better such as 20g and 40g, but the 60g is doing really good when there's good current.
Jason: "Been a while since I've given the whiting a go so me and a mate headed out early today 7/1/16 to Port Albert and managed a nice bag of whiting and a few flathead. Run in tide seemed to bite better. Good to see there still around in good numbers. Biggest went 43cm most around 30cm-34cm."
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Boothy caught this big brronzie 2 days ago at Golden Beach. The gear was an okuma solterra reel with an ugly stick short stroker 15-24kg game rod (standard length, no long rod needed). The line was 80lb braid with a wind on leader and a twin hook hosaku shark rig. The bait was a whole bonito.
Dylan Shaw did what no bream fisher normally gets to do and caught this kingfish at metung on a Zman gub soft plastic on 4lb line.
More bass? Why are these ones so big when they only started stocking them in the creek 2 years ago? I reckon that the bass must have dispersed throughout the whole Gippsland region and are making their way up to new areas!
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