Report 14/2/16

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Report 14/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:57 pm

Whiting Whiting and more Whiting. Whiting in the deep! There are whiting everywhere, they are spread out wide throughout all of Corner Inlet with plenty being caught in 2 to 5 meters of water in the Lewis Channel, to plenty being caught in the Franklin, Toora and Bennison Channel as well. Did i say deep water whiting...yes, there have been stacks of whiting caught in your standard snapper locations from 12 meters to 18 meters of water, just fish light gear and smaller sinkers and you will catch them. Snapper...there's a huge run of reds and pinkies inside this week, with stacks off fish to 4kg and plenty of eater 2kg pinkies as well. Squid has probably bee the best baits but pillies haven't been too bad either. The kingies are still there and they did disappear for a week, but reports from the last 3 or 4 days as shown they are now there again and are a few bigger models with them. Lures such as stick baits, big plastics and small metal lures to match the whitebait and blue bait they are feeding on have been good, but the humble squid bait has caught a few as a bi-catch as well. There are massive schools of salmon and tailer inside some of which have kingfish mixed in with them..others not. They are in the Entrance, Toora and Franklin channels. Good bait for the gummies and snapper but some anglers are hooking 70cm plus salmon that are worth catching on there own!
OFFSHORE: Gummies galore out here, Ive never seen so many gummy sharks caught. There have been some absolute monsters caught out front in 20 meters plus of water. Most guys are anchoring and berleying and are catching them from 8kg to 25kg regularly. Guys are chasing kingies out wide, a few are getting caught, no one is smashing them yet but definitely enough to make it worth while. Use knife jigs or micro jigs. We just got in another batch of jigs that we have been doing really well on.
PJ Barrels has been smashing the gummies. Him and a mate landed 9 gummies a couple of days ago at Welshpool keeping enough for a feed. He aslo caught a big seven gill shark as well.
Stanaz holding up a couple of nice 50cm reds caught after work on squid on the light gear at Port Welshpool.
Joe Keenan landed this good bag of fish on the weekend inside Port Welshpool on Squid and Salmon fillet.
Shane Jackson has been chasing the kingies inside out of his Hobie kayak on those windless mornings. He has had good success with squid baits and the fish above was caught early in the morning on the run-in tide in glass calm conditions.
Shane Wedrowicz with 2 thumping whiting that was part of a bag of 17 whiting caught after work 2 weeks ago. Biggest went 46cm and was caught on squid.
Mo Machen sent in this photo of an epic Port Welshpool feed. Whiting and pinkies all in the same spot. End of run-in and start of run-out tide.
Lots of whiting inside and they are getting caught in 4 to 5 meters of water in most channels now. Pippis and squid have been the best and there are some thumpers ranging between 38cm and 45cm frequently. Plenty of flathead about in the 2 meters of water using plastics and vibes and smaller flathead in the snake channel in the deeper sections. Schools of kingfish have been sighted in the entrance on numerous occasions now as well but are hard to catch. Offshore the gummies are ridiculous with most anglers heading down towards Mann's beach and McLaughlin's are are bagging out easily on big gummies ranging between 4-5.5ft.
"Yesterday Thelma and I fished for 2hrs and had a ball. Thelma caught this 52cm fish and the rest were 34-46cm. Cheers Barry"
Dalton Dare with a massive salmon caught from Seaspray the other day.
Lochie with a big alpine trout caught in the Macalister river on a dry fly on his new TFO 2wt fly rod.
Leah has been smashing the Bass at Glenmaggie using Megabass Sigletts and Atomic hardbodies.
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