Report 20/3/16

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Report 20/3/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:20 am

Inside: The whiting are crazy and have been all year i know, but the numbers are ridiculous. Tthey are getting caught ibn the Lewis, Toora, Middle and Bennison...basically anywhere there is a bit a structure or weed bed near by you will catch whiting. We are still fishing deep for ours and are fishing from 12m to 18m and are catching both Whiting and Snapper in the same spots. Pippis and squid have been the best. There's heaps of bait around, so much we have frigate mackeral inside, kingfish inside, and bulk salmon and tailor as well. The gummies inside are plentiful and 1m models are common. The pinkies are dynamite, there are so many from 35cm to 55cm its not funny. Its been easy to bag out if fishing the evenings. As far snapper, there have been some beauties caught in the entrance to 8kg and its not over yet. Expect to get some really big snapper over the next month..especially in shallow water.
OFFSHORE: The Gummies have been gigantic, with lots of 20kg models. Just anchor in 20-30m and berley or drift as well, especially around the tide changes. fresh bait is best and the slimy mackerel that are offshore are hugs and plentiful. Use them as bait, you cant go wrong. catch a salmon or tailor as well, cant beat it! There are some huge kingies this year, lots of mixed sizes from 60cm to 1.2m long. jigging with knife jigs or micro jigs and casting stickbaits have been the best but i reckon livies could catch a big 'un!
Shane Wedrowicz caught this mssive kingfish offshore from Port Welshpool. It was caught along Wilsons Prom on a River2sea Stickbait cast at a school of busting up kingfish, This beast measured 117cm. A top effort by the master rod builder.
The Hourigan Boys have been fishing gentlemens hours at Port Welshpool. James tells me theres no need for early starts, just rock up at lunch time and catch an awesome feed as can be seen above. Top fishing there. All fish above were caught in the entrance on pilchards and squid using paternoster and running sinker rigs.
A nice little feed for Leo caught on light whiting gear with pippis for bait during the run in tide in the late arvo.
Had a fish with Leo and Mo on Wednesday. The wind picked up late arvo making it very tough to fish...Ended up with 7 odd pinkies to 48cm and a few whiting and a gummy. There was mega amounts of fish busting up in the entrance at slack low tide and crazy amounts of bait aswell. Im assuming all the busting up fish were small frigate mackeral that had been caught a day earlier or small kings.
Me and Shane Wedrowicz have fished a few nights after work as this was one catch. All fish were caught in 14 meters of water on light MJ's Whiting rigs which are patrernoster rigs made from 12lb flourocarbon. Long shanks hooks come standard but i have been changing one hook to a size 2 or 4 octopus hook for the pinkies and snapper. Light 2-4kg graphite soft plastics/whiting rods and 6lb braid with 4oz sinkers. We are finding theres no need to use such large sinkers as usual when you use 6lb braid. 4oz is normally enough even in maximum current. All fish have been caught on pippis and squid but mainly squid. A few of the pinkies were caught on small salmon fillets/cubes on the small hooks and light rigs.
Tim landed this big 5.5 foot gummy offshore Port Welshpool in 30 meters of water at anchor with berley on a snapper snatcher.
John Moon had a sensational days fishing at Port Welshpool catching this ripper feed above. The whiting were caught in 4 meters of water inside while the gummy was caught on the reefs offshore.
Fish everywhere in 5 ways. These fish were salmon and tailor in there masses...everywhere we went this is what the sounder read. we would drop down a micro jig or cat a metal slug or a stickbait or a plastics...anything and we caught salmon and tailor too we got sick of them. I thought there might have been kings in with them but we couldnt catch anything other than salmon and tailor. Later i heard a few blokes did manage to catch some kingfish out of these salmon/tailor schools in the toora channel. We were lucky enough to keep a few of these fish and turn them into 13 snapper/pinkies that afternoon.
These were what was mainly in the sounder shot above. Bulk salmon and tailor every drop or cast. Good bait for the pinkies and gummies though!
A rare sight.. these frigate Mackeral were caught inside Port Welshpool by a commercial netter in the shallows. These guys have been busting up in the entrance of the franklin and toora channels regualy and are very hard to catch as they swim so fast. The key is to get ahead of them, turn your engine off and cast lures. Photo courtesy James Rodgers, Unreel Fishing Charters
James Rodgers from Unreel Fishing Charters came down to Port Welshpool for a few days 2 weeks ago and had a dive around the islands offshore where he caught this nice crays. What a feed!
I finally caught a whiting a micro jig. Took a while and caught bulk yakkas and flatties before this guy took the jig, I used a 30g Storm Koika Jig in Green Mackeral color at Slack tide in 15 meters of water whilst berleying. It only worked at slack tide as the jigs are too small to get to the bottom when there any currant.
Welsy caught this ripper Southern Bluespot flathead at Port Albert 2 weeks ago using bluebait and pilchard pieces in very shallow water of around 1 meter deep. The biggest went 68cm
Helena Gathacole has been catching some ripper gummy sharks off mcloughlins beach. Mixed in with the Gummies she has been catching some massive snapper well over 7kg.
Peter Ruff has been fishing shallow Inlet a bit lately and getting some great mixed bags of fish as can be seen above. All fish were caught on pippis and squid strips.
Greg Miller has had a great weekend 2 weeks ago at a bucks party at McGaurans beach where they landed a stack of sharks including this bronzie. All fish were caught after midnight and all were caught paddling!
Colesy has been catching a very unlikely fish in between running Nautica Restaurant in Metung, he has landed a few nice kingies to 75cm in the metung and Nungurner area using Rapala XXX raps and storm So Run Minnow Lures just to plug a couple. Shane had one early morning session where he hooked a couple of really big kings that kept busting him off on the pylons...Gippsland Lakes Kings...Bring It On! A few have been getting caught on live baits as well.
Mo and Ronnie have been fishing Westerport a lot lately and this is just one of their catches around Hastings.
Dave Johnson and the boys from the Thorpdale & District Angling Club had a ripper weekend landing Marlin, Mako Sharks and good sized Kings at Bermagui. Not a bad way to spend a few days.
Henry Ripper caught this beautiful brown trout in lake glenmaggie when fishing for bass
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