Report 12/5/16

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Report 12/5/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 20, 2016 11:55 am

The water temperature has dropped now, last Saturday our sounder read 16.5 degrees at high tide and we only fished inside, i had some customers in Monday that were fishing offshore and had similar temps bar one customer that said his sounder read 17 degrees out near the islands.

As of Thursday the 5th May (my latest trip), we had mixed water temp readings whilst travelling between the Lewis and Franklin Channel and the water fluctuated between 15.8 degrees and 14.5 degrees so that cold snap definitely dropped the water temp a bit. we even caught a dreaded draughtboard shark, but a stack of whiting and a few smalll gummies as well so the water temperature drop haven't stopped the fish biting.

The biggest news lately were that the kingfish turned up again, or at least we have had some flat calm conditions up until Sunday that allowed plenty of boats to get offshore and have a proper crack at them. We found a heap in around 30 meters chasing bait schools (whitebait) and even thought the fish were on top we still caught most on knife jigs but also a few trolling skirts as well.

The gummies went really well, especially on the drift in 20-40m. Some big ones amongst them weighing up to 20kg and use big fresh baits for these.

Heaps of pinkies on the reefs in 22-30m and we have been getting plenty on micro jigs however this cold snap a few days ago has got me wondering if the pinkies will be on the chew, we couldn't find any pinkies inside on Saturday but we still caught big whiting, heaps of yakkas and a few small gummies and 2 days ago we got a stack of whiting and 1 pinky mixed in as well.

Inside the whiting are still plentiful and i don't think a water temp drop will do anything to them, remember we caught all through last winter so hopefully this year is the same. The snapper wont have ended yet, we should get a last run of big fish as every year I've been in business, someone has caught some very big snapper in May (obviously a lot harder work though). Anyways here are some pics, ring me if you want more info!
This is what you want to see!!!!! This is our sounder shot wshilst on a patch of kings in almost 27 meters of water, see the top right hand corner the straight diaginal line going downwards...well thats a knife Jig going straight through a big patch of kingfish hovering between 15 meters and the bottom...Every drop of the Jig resulted in what you see below...KINGFISH!!
Just one of the 30 kingies we caught on this patch of fish! This one measured 80cm. Benny was happy with that one. It was on a 150 gram green est Knife Jig.
Im loving the micro Jigs this seaon so i though i would contiunue to use them even on the Kings. The 100 gram ones were probably the most deadly on the kings due to a fast fall rate, they always took them on the drop aswell. Green and Blues were top colors. Good fun on those Storm Gomoku Rods, I prefer the Overhead for micro jigging as i think the jig works better as you can flutter them down better.
When the kingies go quiet or the school leaves and you cant find them again...troll small skirted lures of 4-6 inches around at around 6-7 knots until you find them again.
Gotta love micro jigs....even in a school of kings, if the kings dont get the jig these pinkies will...ended up with half a dozen of these little 30cm specimans aswell. They normally get harder to find in May and June but they are still around, you just have to put more work into finding them...But imagine using these jigs at Lakes or Mcloughlins...they would be deadly!
More bi-catch using micro jigs on the reefs off the prom..We catch heaps of these things as well. This one took a 60 gram Koika jig with an extra set of assist hooks on top as you get a better hook up rate on Demersal species!
Darren Clarke with a thumping big gummy caught off Welshpool on the drift. These guys have been catching huge gummies lately and tell me you will keep catching them through the colder months.
Had a great day out on the water with a few mates a 2 weeks ago on the whiting out of Port Welshpool. We fished the run in tide and landed some thumping whiting to 43cm using pippis and bottley Squid. Michael Fava seen holding the fish was happy with the catch and we ended up with 30 between the 4 of us.
Shane Wedrowicz and myself fished last week with not too much luck. there was a 2 degree temp drop and the tides were all wrong. Too much slack water and then the wind picked up to about 25 knots so we left with a small feed. I think on those days of small tides you need to fish mid tide when you get the maximum amount of flow, this means you wont have heaps of time during a tide to catch fish.
Caught this big flattie and this saw shark was poking its head out its mouth. The body was digested but the head wasnt. Poor little shark! This was offshore on the flattie grounds.
Had great fishing trip with Joe on Thursday arvo. We landed nearly 30 whiting to 40 odd centimeters. The run out tide was the best, especially the last 2 hours. We couldn't get a bite on the run in, have no idea why...normally the start of the flood tide is good as well but not Thursday. We used prawn, bottley squid and pippis, but the prawns and squid were by far the best working on the whiting..I even got 2 small gummies on the whiting rods and they took the prawn. We did notice a few prawns kicking about on the surface on the way back to the ramp on Saturday night. Great fishing at the moment!
A temperature drop last this week has changed things up a bit. There have been schools of Salmon and Tailor around inside and still heaps of whiting in around the basket beacon area. Most of the pinkies are gone now with only the odd one left around. The garfish are starting to thicken up a bit around Sunday island and There's still good sized gummies offshore and heaps of good flatties on the drift as well. In the smaller entrances such as Mcloughlin's and Manns beach, there's a few big salmon getting around and are being caught on metal slugs and heavy soft plastics. theres some thumping tailor as well, some anglers are catching them almost 60cm yet most are 40cm plus. A few perch are getting around as well and will start to school up soon for spawning.
Aaron Crosby and his kids have been having a ball over at Port Albert for the past month catching everything from whiting to gummy sharks. This gummy was caught in snake channel and is an absolute thumper. Well done young man...bigger than i can catch!
land based guys would love thsi. Daniel Bates caught this 40cm Pinky off the back in the Robertson's beach canal. Top effort mate. this was only last week!
- Unbelievable fishing of late...especially over the past 3 weeks. Elephant fish everywhere, quality 1 meter long gummies, the Big Salmon have just started to show up and are getting caught to 70cm. Big Tailor as well! Get over there now!!!
Some very big Salmon have been caught over the past 2 weeks, they will only get better aswell. This one measured 64cm which will be close to 6 pounds in the old scale. Caught by Daniel Bates, this was one of about 4 large Salmon he caught off McGaurans beach.
Batesy and his family had a top night last week off the surf at Seaspray area landing about 10 elephants and keeping a couple for a feed.
Wayne Morley caught the fish of a lifetime and in an unlikely location when fishing for Bream in the Gippsland Lakes near Lake Victoria. He was fishing for bream and flathead with vibe lures and snagged onto this magnificent Mulloway. A truly awesome catch and every anglers dream! Well done mate!
Brad had been cathcing some quality bream in the straights near Holands Lnading lately. The straights are very salty and theres stacks of fish up there at the moment including bream, dusky flathead and Tailor.
Rohan caught this big snapper weighing 9kg aswell as pinkies and gummies out of Lakes Entrance recently showing how good that lakes entrance fishery is...not too mention all the deep dropping potential and the new rising Broadbill Swordfish Fishery!
Dylan Shaw has been landing some nice little Brown Trout out of Traralgon despite the low water. The fish are very spooky and require long casts. This one fell to a celta but there are plenty of smelt in the rivers at the moment so soft plastics are working well too!
Dave Johnson from the Thorpdale and District Angling Club landed this beatiful aussie Bass out of Blue Rock and has been catching a few on worms and the odd one on lures aswell. They are alot harder to catch now with the cold water but worms are still working a treat!
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