Report 7/6/16

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Report 7/6/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:13 pm

The water is almost as cold as it gets and is hovering around the 11 degree mark, it doesn't really get much colder than that even in the middle of winter. What this has done has changed the species list available inside corner inlet to that of King George Whiting, Garfish, Mullet, Trevally, Salmon and Tailor. The whiting are still going very good but mainly in deeper water. The long jetty is producing a few but most are in the deep sections of the major channels such as the Toora, Franklin, Middle and Bennison. The whiting are good sized and are averaging 36cm to 40cm and are taking squid and pipis mainly.

OFFSHORE is where most of the action has taken place, and the biggest news is our winter kingfish fishery. YES BELIEVE IT, Kingfish were caught on the 1st of June, official winter kingies. They are in big schools and are smashing baitfish on the surface around the islands. The major method off capture has been via trolling skirted lures in the 4 to 6 inch range and the odd one is taken a knife Jig still, however anglers that have found them in the past week say they are mainly just following up the Jigs and not eating them but are happy to take a trolled skirt!

WINTER KINGFISH OFFSHORE PORT WELSHPOOL. It doesn't get any better than this folks. Even though its winter and the inlet water temperatures are low, offshore in 40 meters of water is still hovering around 14 degrees holding good schools of bait, meaning the kingfish are hanging around. Michael Armstrong caught these winter kingies by trolling skirted lures. We carry the ones in the shop and I'm happy to rig them for you guys as well. Get out there and have a go.

Tried to get out offshore but as usual at Windypool it was too windy. We headed to one of our snapper marks in 17 meters of water. It was mid run out and within 5 minutes the whiting were on again. I couldn't believe it, we had 12 and a bit degrees showing on the sounder, we were catching draughtboard sharks on the big rods and whiting and a few yakkas on the light rods. These things don't go, anglers just stop trying in winter i think. Pippis and squid were the best. You will need around 6oz sinkers but use as light as the current allows. Still use your light whiting rods but braid is a MUST! The run out seems to be the easiest to find them, or even drift until you get one, then mark the spot, come back and anchor on it!

Joe Keenan Caught this awesome bag of fish in the top end of corner inlet fishing a deeper section of around 12 to 14 meters. He kept moving into the channel further and further until he caught one then stayed there and ended up with around 20 whiting and a stack of flatties, this was 2 weeks ago and the water temp was 13 degrees at the time.

Nic caught this ripper squid in the Lewis Channel. There are still a few bigger ones in the system, or they are not sure..But most are small to medium sized. Nic went on the bag out on whiting the same below!

Nic Later went on to fish 16 meters of water on the last of the run out tide and got his bag of whiting using squid and pippis. Top effort mate and proves the whiting dont leave in winter. The interesting thing is theres not much bi-catch fishing the deep with pippis in the winter, its basically whiting or nothing. I have noticed in the bennison we still get heaps of flatties when we are trying to catch the whiting.

Inside, the water temperature has dropped to around 11 degrees as well making almost every summer species absent except for whiting, calamari and bulk garfish. The whiting are being caught anywhere from 5 meters to 10 meters deep in the Port Albert, Drum and Snake channels. The run in tide has been the best here using pippis, squid and prawns. The calamari are going on the last bit of the run in tide and the slack high. Size 2.5 and size 3 YAMASHITA Jigs are by far been the best! The squid sizes have been small to medium from 15cm to 25cm hood lengths, however i have seen some better models caught off the Port Albert jetty at night. As for the Garfish, they are going really well. The shallows around Sunday Island have been very successful and so has the channel towards Kearneys entrance. The gars are big and there's plenty around the 40cm mark. The run in tide has been mainly the best time but i have had a few good reports from anglers fishing the run out! Berley is very import for the gars and anchoring in the right position to keep the garfish behind the boat is even more important. This goes for the whiting at Port Albert as well, you must have berley!

A bag of winter whiting from Port Albert. We fished 8-10m of water in the Port Albert Channel. The run in tide was when it all happened and berley was essential. Most of the fish were 35cm with a few bigger and a few smaller. The water was a steaming 11.5 degrees! they will be here all year!

When using MJ's Whiting rigs that we sell in the shop, expect to get the double header, especially in winter when there's not much bi-catch. The good thing about MJ's rigs, its easy to swap over the hooks to smaller or bigger ones to target different species such as pinkies and snapper.

Greg Miller and crew headed out offshore and went down towards Manns beach where they landed 4 gummies including this beauty. Cold weather but the gummies were still around!

Michael Kettaler caught this little ripper of a brownie in the Tanjil. One week to go...trout season closes queens birthday midnight! Get out and have a crack.

I went for a walk up the creek and spotted this nice sized brownie heading up stream to spawn. After this rain, it should be a great week to chase the trout.. Think i'm gonna have to try for a winter kingfish though!

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