Report 14/10/16

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Report 14/10/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:25 pm

Hello again guys, the last couple of weeks has been mainly about the calamari again, however the gummies were the big surprise with really good numbers turning up inside the inlet over the last 2 weeks with many anglers catching there bag if gummies in the Franklin and middle channels (mainly 3 footers and under) and the entrance and the channel at Bentley harbor and whale bay producing bigger gummies of up to 8-10kg. You guys are all wondering abut the snapper...well i heard of 7 snapper caught over the weekend 8th and 9th Oct, most of which were out of the Franklin and Toora channel. 90% of those fish were caught early in the morning on sun up just before the top of the run in and the rest were caught on sundown which was also near another tide change as well. I'd say this week with the good weather forecast and warmer barometer should get the snapper biting better and I'm guessing we see more reports this weekend than last weekend.

This was one of many we caught 2 weeks ago on a calm day, (not that we have had much of them since) The calamari were so easy to catch this day but progressively got all little harder to catch over the following 4 days...mainly due to the influx of huge amounts of slimy weed into the corner inlet system which is still there now but seems to be getting better. All these squid were caught on Yamashita Live Jigs. Most of them were between 20cm and 30cm hood lengths.

Peter with a good sized welshpool squid caught on a glow series Yamashita Jig in a size 3.0. During the run in tide the squid were in shallower water of around 2.4m.

Matt Reid with a 44cm Brown Trout caught out of Blue Rock Lake on a Tassie devil.

This is the way i rig a squid head. You need a snelled rig to do it. These are a pre-made snelled running sinker rig by gamakatsu, you just buy them pre-made in packs of 3, or you could make them yourselves but i couldn't be bothered, I like the 6/0-7/0 sizes especially for big snapper. Use this in conjunction with a ezy rig sinker slider. Rigging this way will stop your squid head from spinning in the currant like a propeller. Make sure the hooks are rigged symmetrically as well. Just draw an imaginary line down the head in between the eyes and keep your hooks in that line.

Benny and Zander Barnes with a cracker sized gummy caught in Bentely harbour 2 weeks ago. They got 2 during this session. 1.5 hours either side of the tide change.

Michael Armstrong with this nice sized gummy shark caught out past rabbit island on the weekend. He anchored and used berley.

Whiting, Whiting and more Whiting. The whiting are on again finally and in great numbers and they are thumpers. That horrible slime weed is still there but if you find the whiting they ill be on the hook before you get any weed on the line. They are cracker at over 40cm and are taking pippis over everything else but squid tubes cut into skinny strips has been pretty good as well. There has been 1 or 2 snapper caught in the snake channel but hopefully there is a lot more caught this weekend especially with the ripper forecast.

We caught 16 on Friday. It all happened quickly. The fish were only on one side of the boat as well (work that one out), i think because they were hard on the weed bed i was fishing and wouldn't move off it, didn't matter we just moved all the rods to one side of the boat. They bit during the mid run out and went quiet on the slack tide as usual. The run in was terrible but mainly because of the slimy weed coating our lines. Pippis were all that worked. The rig used was a black magic whiting snatcher and a 4oz sinker because we were fishing quite deep in around 8 meters of water.

ian Channing caught this nice sized whiting of 40cm+ during the last of the run out tide and the start of the run in tide using a variety of baits including pippis and squid.

There has been as stack of gummies caught over the past 3 weeks. Anglers getting up to 5 per night. No monsters but heaps around 1 meter in length. The 7 gills are in plaque proportion with some groups of anglers catching half a dozen of the buggers in a night. There is a couple of salmon been caught during the day and not many flatties yet, probably be a couple of weeks for them. Best beaches have been Golden beach through to seaspray with delray being pretty reliable. Mcgaurans has been fishing pretty well too. Woodside is a bit shallower but still a couple gillers and gummies getting caught there as well.

Gippsland Lakes
Ian Channing has been catching some ripper bream out of the Mitchell river last week. The fish are only taking live shrimp fished on a running sinker rig and he said they will only bite using light leader between 4lb and 6lb. These fish were caught down near the mouth of the Mitchell due to high mounts of rain in the area a few days earlier.

Dylan Shaw with a cracker Brown trout taking out of Traralgon creek on a mapso spinner.

Matt Reid with a 44cm Brown Trout caught out of Blue Rock Lake on a Tassie devil.

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