Report 27/10/16

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Report 27/10/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:02 am

Port Welshpool
Hello again guys, SNAPPER SNAPPER SNAPPER, they are in! bout time!!! We were spoiled last year with an early snapper season in Corner Inlet and this year has been far more traditional with the snapper still tough to catch but this week has produced some quality fish up to around the 8kg mark. You just get that feeling that in the next couple of weeks, the snapper are going to go off big time as anyone that's been sounding around the major channels over the past few weeks would have seen huge numbers of snapper on the sounder but that water temperature has just been a bit below optimal to get a really good bite. The snapper have been biting 1 to 2 hours before the tide change as usual early in the season and you need to select those days with a tide change before dark if you are fishing the evenings or a tide change before 9am if you are fishing dawn, this has produced most of the snapper so far. The Franklin, Toora and Singapore deep as usual have been where everyone is trying for snapper and all have produced a couple of good fish this week. One the water bumps up a few degrees, they will bite further through the tides. With any luck this forecast of better weather over the next few weeks should raise the water temperature to a much better snapper catching temperature and ideally we want something 16 degrees and over to get a more consistent bite. On other news, the whiting are going great, loads of fish in the Lewis channel and they are averaging 35cm. there's still stacks of calamari inside and there have been some top models of over a kilo and as big as 2 kilo. the gummies have been very consistent and are in all the major channels and the entrance with the Franklin channel producing the most.

Darren Clarke caught this ripper snapper at Welshpool yesterday (25th Oct). An absolute top quality fish that was caught on a snapper snatcher with salmon fillet and squid for bait and was caught just before the tide change. Clarky said there was still a bit of weed around but it was only sticking to the knots of the rig but was never covering the bait.

Tim caught this solid gummy Shark in the Franklin Channel yesterday afternoon (25th Oct) in the Franklin Channel.

Joe Spaglia with a pearler of a Gummy Shark caught offshore Corner Inlet in 18 meters of water The water was around 14.5 degrees out here on the weekend when Joe caught the Gummy.

After fishing for snapper last week i decided to stop off in the Lewis Channel near the long jetty for a quick fish before going back to the ramp. It was almost completely dark but was glass calm with wind and tide together during the run out tide. Caught these 5 whiting in the dark which i normally dont catch any after dark but managed to get these to bite on some fresh squid we caught. I was in 5.5 meters.

For anybody who missed my last report, this is the way I rig a squid head. You need a snelled rig to do it. These are a pre-made snelled running sinker rig by gamakatsu, you just buy them pre-made in packs of 3, or you could make them yourselves but i couldn't be bothered, I like the 6/0-7/0 sizes especially for big snapper. Use this in conjunction with a ezy rig sinker slider. Rigging this way will stop your squid head from spinning in the currant like a propeller. Make sure the hooks are rigged symmetrically as well. Just draw an imaginary line down the head in between the eyes and keep your hooks in that line.

Whiting and squid has been the main target species at Port Albert once again. That slimy weed is still there but no where near as bad and us very fish able now so its definitely worth fishing there again. There also some very big calamari there as well, including one Shane caught that went 2kg.

Shane Wedrowicz caught this good haul of whiting in the Port Albert channel during the run out tide on fresh squid baits in 7m of water.

This is one of the biggest calamari i have seen from inside Port Albert. Took a Yamashita Live Whiting Squid Jig.

We got this good bag of whiting in the Port Albert channel during mid run-in tide last week. All quality fish averaging 37cm and upt o 40cm. they took a mixture of baits including pippis and squid.

The 90 mile has fished great over the past 2 weeks once again. There was a little bit of Weed that turned up last weekend but was mainly at woodside through to seaspray but Golden beach to loch Sport remained weed free. There has been plenty of fish scattered along the surf with gummy sharks and seven gill sharks still being the norm! There are quite a few salmon getting caught during the day and the odd tailor and flathead as well. A variety of baits are doing the trick including bluebait, squid, salmon fillet and eel.

Jamie O'sullivan caught this massive seven gill shark with LBG gear and using a drone to fly out the baits. The sharks measured over 8 foot long.

Jude Marsh caught this massive Salmon at McGaurnans beach lst week. There was a bit of weed around still but fish-able. The salmon went 4kg and over 70cm long. Top effort.

Rob and Crew landed a heap of snapper and a few good gummies during a ripper session at the corals in westerport a few weekends ago

Lucus Demitrio with a beautiful glenmaggie bass caught on worms off the bank.

A ripper Brown trout caught in the Thomson river. Cracker fish bud, well done. caught on a Mapso Spinner.

Jordy Morley with a pearler of a brown tout he caught at Dartmouth on a tassie devil.

David Barker with this ripper Borwn Trout caught at Lake Jindibyne yesterday on mudeye.

Hows this for a fish!!! Wayne Brown has been puting the effort into Port Phillip Bay lately. He had been launching a Carrum and catching some awesome snapper on pilchards and running sinker rig.

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