Report 16/12/16

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Report 16/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:35 am

Merry Xmas Guys. Firstly, apologies in advance for any xmas specials i post here, but hopefully theres plenty of good info here aswell to make it worth it! Honestly, the past week has been all about the Barra in Hazelwood Pondage as the grand opening was last Friday. I'll have lots of info further down but lets start with Corner Inlet. Firstly, the snapper were still the main catch inside and like in the last report, we saw plenty of large fish caught weighing up to 20 pounds again, with lots of fish weighing 4 to 7kg. The entrance was the main location everyone fished and like the previous week, the the run out tide, when the tide was at its strongest seem to be the major bite time. Fish were a bit more spread though as there were lots of snapper caught in Singapore Deep in 35m to 40m but plenty further out between buoy 6 and 2 anywhere from 16m to 22mm. A few fish were caught during th last of the run in as well, but the vast majority were during the run out tide as earlier stated. The Franklin produced lots of school fish from pinkies to 4kg models, the Toora is chockers of pinkies ranging from just undersized to 40cm eater models and the gummies are everywhere and so are those huge blue spot fact its worth doing some serious soft plastic fishing at the moment in the shallows as this has to be one of the best big flathead seasons in a long time. OFFSHORE, the gummies are going good, all sizes from 85cm to 20kg monsters. Heaps of pinkies on the footy ovals from 29cm upto 40cm (get your micro jigs out for those!!) and the whiting didn't go as well inside for some reason but still plenty of blokes getting 6 to dozen ting in a session on both tides as long as there is currant... with bulk pinkies and flathead mixed in. Massive schools of salmon and tailor inside as well and kingies will be there by now too so get out as soon as you can!

The boys did well landing 10 snapper in the entrance in 22 meters of water on sautrday and sunday along with 6 big flathead. Mid run out tide doing the damage and a couple during the run in aswell with squid catching most of the fish.

Wayne and Darren Clarke with a top bag of snapper from Corner Inlet yesterday. They got the fish during the last of the run out tide in 36 meters of water in the entrance.

Michael Armstrong with a nice flathead caught in the entrance as bi-catch whilst chasing snapper.

Murray Flemming fished 40m of water in the entrance to land this 7.4kg snapper on squid.

Michael Armstrong with a meter gummy caught on pilchards in the Franklin Channel.

Jason Vella and crew with an awesome catch from the Franklin Channel. You cant get a better mixed bag than this.

McLoughlins Beach
The Langstaffs have been smashing big gummies offshore from McLoughlin's beach.

Pete Moretti with a feed and half from inside Mcloughlins caught on Berkley Pumpkinseed Soft Plastics.

Chris McCallum with a big blue spot flathead caught surf fishing at Mcloughlin's beach off the surf, with surf poppers and blue bait doing the damage. Surf poppers have been accounting for most of the flatties off the beach of late with the run in tide fishing extremely well.

Damian Wellbourne caught this great catch of flatties at Woodside on the 10th Dec off the surf on surf poppers and bluebait.

Jewel Coles with a cracker gummy shark that was 1 of 4 caught for the day in 36 meters of water off Lakes Entrance.

Emma Fisher with a 14 pound snapper taken at the pipeline off Lakes Entrance.

Finally it came....the grand opening of the first ever southern Barramundi fishery, The only one of its kind. Everyone was waiting for the opening and anglers lined the banks for there chance to catch a Barra in Victoria. With boat anglers only being allowed to launch via winning a ballet that you had to sign up for online. Only 25 boats per day are allowed on the lake to chase a Barra by boat, however the land based anglers have no limit. A bag limit of 1 Barra per angler is allowed per day and a recreational fishing licence is needed as per any other public victorian waterway. Mitch Chapman caught this massive Hazelwood Barra measuring almost 80cm from the bank. The fish took a Shallow diving Maria Jerk Lure in Gold color.

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