Report 9/5/17

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Report 9/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 19, 2017 3:52 pm

To those that missed the last report We have now moved to 29 Church St in Traralgon to a bigger store, feel free to call us on 0351748544 if you have any enquiries.

Starting with Port Welshpool as usual, inside the inlet has cooled to around 13.5 to 16 degrees just depends on what part of the inlet and time of day you are there. It seems coldest down near the boat ramp and warmer in the entrance and the further you get offshore. Its also warmer in the shallows at the top end of the inlet as well. Firstly lets talk kingfish. There's been heaps inside the inlet over the past month and the major talk a few weeks ago was the huge amount of kingies at the long jetty and trawler jetty. They could be seen swimming all around the pylons and chasing in yakkas, trevally and other species in from the Lewis. They were very hard to catch with mainly live baits being the best way to catch them...either fished under a float or on the bottom. They are still there now despite the colder water after this run of cold weather this week, so who knows how long they will stick around inside for. The other main target has been Flathead, there's still plenty inside but the big blue spot Flathead of the shallows have turned off now due to the colder weather and you need to head offshore now for the big flatties, but there's plenty of moderate sized sand Flathead in the bennison and toora channel. As for snapper, its nearly over but there have been some massive ones caught in the entrance as of around 4 days ago being the most recent ones i have seen. Now is the time i normally actually hear of the biggest ones of the season getting caught, They are normally in the shallower water during the run out tide or in the entrance between buoy 6 and buoy 2, Its definitely worth having a crack over the next 2 weeks.

Now for offshore. (offshore Port Albert, McLaughlin's inc.) Offshore has been awesome. The kings are out there's still as well. I had a great trip on Thursday with a couple of mates. We found the biggest school of kingfish you are likely to see out here, I'll try and upload some video at some stage because it was sight and a half to see. was. They were around the the islands and were feeding on the smallest whitebait or some type of bait. Literally thousands of kingies were out there busting up constantly in patches everywhere but there were the hardest kingies to catch I've ever seen. We through about 50 types of lure at them and they would only bite randomly. They were mixed sizes from under size to 6 or 7kg models. The water was 17.3 degrees out wide last Thursday when i was there, so it was great temp for all species still., I think we still have some great fishing left until it gets really cold and tougher. The pinkies on the reefs in between rabbit island and cliffy are fishing the best I've ever seen. You will get you bag of pinkies from 30cm to 40cm easily. There some better pinkies of up to 50cm in there as well. Just drift the reefy patches with paternoster rigs or snapper snatchers with squid, you cant miss, you will get sick of catching pinkies. Once you leave the reef, your bi-catch will be some of the best flathead you will see offshore. There some crackers of up to nearly 60cm out there right now and again, you will get sick of catching them. As for the gummies, there are plenty around rabbit island in 10m of water. Just anchor and berley. There's heaps out deeper around the ovals in 21m as well and out to 30m too. Further east off Mann's has plenty of gummies as well and they have been good sized of up to around 10kg.

Had a great day on the water with Shane Wedrowicz and Joe Spaglia. We managed to find a very fussy school of kingies that had gone selective on small whitebait. The fish were extremely hard to catch but we managed to catch 5 in total for the session before giving up to chase some pinkies on the reef. The pinkies were alot kinder to us and we managed to catch our bag easily in 28m of water using snapper snatcher rigs and squid. Date: 5/5/17 Water temp 17.1

Had a good day out offshore welshpool in 30 meters, where we managed to catch our bag of pinkies to 40cm but most were around 33cm. Snapper or whiting snatchers were the go with squid. Also managed a dozen big flathead upto 50cm aswell and a good gummy. some great fish out of the reefs off welshpool at the moment. Date: 1/5/17 water temp 17.5

Shane Wedrowicz with a nice eater gummy caught in 21m of water off welshpool.

A School of kingfish under the boat. I like seeing them like this as you usually get them on the jigs.

And there you go! First drop of the jig produces.

Ryder Thompson, Xander Barnes and Dominic Barnes getting stuck into some pinky snapper our wide of wilsons prom. The boys did well and had sore arms after cranking fish up all day on the light gear.

Mick Dalgleish with his a cracking big snapper caught out front of Port Albert. The fish measured 87cm and is a ripper fish to catch late in the season.

Andrew Wright with a good gummy caught offshore Port in 21m.

Dylan Shaw had an awesome session off the surf at Seaspray last week where he took his 9 foot graphite spin rod and some 25g metal slugs and caught a stack of big salmon. Awesome fishing and if any of you haven't tried it, you are missing out! Spinning the surf in the colder months for big salmon is some of the best sport you can have!

Check out this for a salmon Dylan Shaw caught at seaspray! These are the salmon we used to get off the ninety mile! I think we are in for a good season! The fish stocks move in cycles and i think we are in for a year where we will see some big salmon in our parts again, They have been on the beaches in big numbers and out the front of the inlets for the past few weeks.

A big congrats to Braeton Pearson. He ventured 90 km off lakes entrance on a solo trip to catch a broadbill swordfish. On his second attempt, he managed to hook this monster of the deep and land this beast on his own. Without any scales to weigh the fish when returning he could only use the formula used to estimate weights and the weight plot charts to get an idea. The charts showed the fish weighed between 150-200kg. An impressive catch indeed! Braeton struggled to pull the fish over the side of his boat by himself and as he was trying, he heard "need a hand mate?"... As he looked up, there was the water police right next to him. So a few members on board jumped onto Braeton's boat and helped him drag the fish over into the boat and then took some photos for him as well!

Dylan Shaw with a thumping big Gippy Lakes Bream measuring 45cm caught on a zman Trickswim soft plastic.

Jesse Love caught this cracking Bream in the Mitchell river landbased. He also caught a few Estuary perch.

Shane Coles with a big brown trout caught at Omeo on a spinner.

Tim with a big rainbow trout caught in the Latrobe river on a small rapala lure.

Jason Sands caught this well-fed Bass at Cowarr. It was over 35cm and seriously fat!

Frazer Ryan with a good Bass caught in Lake Glenmaggie.

Frazers caught these reddies whilst chasing the Bass out of Glenmaggie. Good size and perfect for eating.

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