Report 8/6/17

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Report 8/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:33 pm

Lakes Entrance
Trevally are around the town jetties taking pilchard and white bait. The footbridge has King Fish biting on pilchard. Surf for Salmon.

Offshore at Six Mile Reef for Pinkies Leather Jack and Rubber Lip Morwong. Broadbill, Blue Eye Trevally and Pink Ling are out wide and in deeper water taking pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers
Long Point for a mixed bag of fish using prawn, white and blue bait. Blackfellow Arm is worth a try. From the island and to Camerons Arm for Bream using prawn as preferred bait.

Mitchell River
The Bluff, grassy banks and up to Shadoof Lodge for Bream taking cut crab, worm and prawn. Try Butter Factory and back water for Perch, Mullet, the odd Bream and Luderick on weed.

Tambo River
From highway bridge, power lines and Whelans for Bream taking cut crab.

From the highway bridge, car bodies, Strait Six and the poplars, Bream, Flathead and Mullet are biting on prawn, shrimp and worm.

Chinaman’s Creek, Box’s Creek and Bancroft Bay for Bream, Mullet and possibly Perch. At night for larger Bream in the shallows on cut crab and live prawn.

The top end of Newlands Arm for Luderick, best bait being worm. Dolphins and seals are about in the waterways and fish have scattered. Full moon on the rise for Gummies on the surf on pilchards and squid.

Holland’s Landing
Seacombe Landing at night with rising full moon using live tailor or mullet for Mulloway. Lake Victoria jetties for Mullet on worm. Try Blonde and Jones Bay for Bream and Luderick.

With cooler weather about, the angler will need to be fishing the river and the junction for Mullet and Luderick. Also try the estuaries for Perch, Tailor and Trevally. Surf to Salmon and Tailor on pilchard and popper. Offshore for King Fish and “Pinkies” on squid and pilchard.

Bemm River
The lake is still best spot for Bream on prawn and worm. The channel is still producing Tailor chasing deep diving lures. The rising full moon for “Gummies” taking squid and pilchards off the surf as well as Salmon on pilchard and poppers.

Tamboon Inlet
For Trevally and Pinkies, try the Southwest Bite with white bait for best results. Duck Splash for Bream using cut crab and prawn. Gummies may be about on the rising new moon on squid and pilchard.

Salmon on beach taking spinners. Main wharf for Trevally on white bait and pilchard. Fisheries wharf for Trevally and Luderick on weed and white bait.

Omeo High Country
Mitta Mitta is where the good sized fish are at the moment. Best results use drifting worm, spinners and wobblers.

Compiled by Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre. For information for your holiday conference or event, contact us on 1800 637 060, email or visit

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