Report 10/9/17

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Report 10/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:25 pm

Well it's that time again so chuck a few minutes aside and have a read of the latest Gippy fishing report. To those that missed the last report We have now moved to 29 Church St in Traralgon to a bigger store, feel free to call us on 0351748544 if you have any inquiries.

Just when we thought the weather was on the improve, this cold blast hits us like a tonne of bricks, good for the trout, but hard to get motivated to hit the salt.

So whats been happening over the past month...the answer is squid squid and more squid. at the no surprise, the calamari fishing has been amazing as we would expect for august and September. The sizes are mixed with lots of small top moderate 20-30cm hoods and a few 35cm beauties mixed in with reports of the odd 40cm plus model as well. The yamashita Live series jigs have been the standouts. Ive been using the new Aussie colors that's have been released for the 2017/2018 season. I think there's around 6 new colors and we have tested half of them and they are absolutely amazing and half accounting for most of our squid catches over the past 2 weeks. Most of the squid have been in the Lewis channel and surrounds and there's been a few good catches in the toora as well. Port Albert has also produced plenty of calamari around the basket beacon and behind Sunday island. The whiting were slow this winter and have only just showed up in the past couple of weeks and are taking pippis and fresh squid baits.

The gummy shark fishing has been amazing over the past 4 weeks with some awesome catches being taken out wide in 20 meters of water off Corner Inlet. Some big specimens amongst them as well and the average seems to be around 1.2 mm in length. Both drifting and at anchor has worked but they seem to be pretty tidally influenced and are being caught with an hour of the tide changes especially the last of the run in and start of the run out.

So whats happening with the snapper? well a quick sound around the usual snapper haunts and it doesn't take long to see there are stacks of snapper inside already but the water is still very cold at around 11 degrees so you could catch one, but your work will be cut out for you to get one to bite. We just need another couple of degrees and it should be on, a few good days of weather and you will get a bite for sure.

Further down the inlet towards McLaughlin's, you will see the biggest salmon we have had for about 5 years. Fish well over 70cm and weighing between 6 and 8 pounds. There's also a stack of 45cm models as well if you are after some bait for the gummys, but if you want sport, McLaughlin's is the place to go. Take some large soft plastics in the 4 to 5 inch range and some decent size jig heads around 1/4oz to 3/8oz as well to combat thew fast currant. And for the ultimate sport, search for the salmon in the shallows, they have been taking surface lures such as poppers and stick-baits or you can high stick retrieve a soft plastic on the surface as well for a similar effect. There's also some massive trevally mixed in, fish over 50cm that are gonna take half an hour to land on bream tackle. Vibes and small plastics doing the trick nicely on them.

Anyways, check out the pics!

Dylan Shaw and Mitch Blomquist had a cracker session 2 weeks ago at Welshpool where they bagged out on Calamari.

Rob sent in this photo of the biggest Corner inlet Calamari ive seen. 45cm Hood, they dont get much bigger than this. Unbelievable catch.

Wrighty and myself got out on the squid last week and managed 9 in some pretty ordinary weather. Was blowing around 20 knots and the squid were still committing suicide to the yamashita.

Rob Hodgson with a thumping big gummy taken offshore from Welshpool in 20+ meters of water.

Nicolas Gillam showed his old man how to catch some garfish at Welshpool. That is one hell of a nice feed there.

Wrighty with his first winter welshpool whiting of the season. Good fish caught in the Lewis Channel on a squid strip.


Scott Finlay with a big Silver Trevally from Mcloughlins beach. They got some thumpers last week using hurricane vibes. There have been Trevally in excess of 50cm cught in the past few weeks in the area.

Mark Ramsey with a big salmon caught at Mcloughlins beach on a 4" Squidgy soft plastic. The boys had a ball catching them on Surface lures as well with fish in excess of 70cm caught.

Scott Finlay with a massive Salmon from Mcloughlins. I havnt seen salmon this big in the estuary for a long time!


Mitch Blomquist and Dylan Shaw had a good shot on the Bream in the Nicholson River 2 weeks ago. All fish were released and they caught over 40 for the day and were using Zman Slim Swims sot plastics.

Paul Landmeter of Brave Rods with a nice big salmon caught land based at shallow inlet.

Jase Buttler with a cracking small stream brown trout from Traralgon creek. It was caught on a bead head nymph fly.

Jase Buttler with another nice Brown trout this time out of the Tyers river.

Eric Zwierlein with a ripper Brown trout from the Licola region taken on a mapso spinner.


Jarrod caught this big Snapper at Westernport in August using squid baits.

Jarrod and Nic caught this epic bag of snapper at Westernport mid august using Squid except 1 that was caught on pilchard. All fish were caught in the morning after sunup and the guys were off the water by 11am. Unbelievable fish fellas, and very impressive to get these in the cold water in August.

Ronnie Rayner with a thumping big westernport calamari.

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