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Report 10/11/17

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:26 am
by subeditor
Lakes Entrance
Eastern Beach for Salmon on pilchards and poppers. The town jetties for Mullet and Trevally on worm and blue bait. Luderick in the rock groyne areas of the North Arm on weed. Offshore at Six Mile Reef for Morwong and Gummies on pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers
Bream are in the bottom lake. Lonely Bay has Bream to 40cmn on fresh water yabbies. Some Flathead are cruising about chasing lures and prawn.

Mitchell River
From the Two Bells to Shadoof Lodge are best for Bream with prawn and spider crabs being the best bait. Also try the backwater area as well.

Tambo River
Bream are on the move. The river mouth and up to the cliffs are best spots to try. Best Bait being worm.

Thumb Point, The Little Cliffs up to the Car Bodies for Bream using prawn and shrimp

Boxes Creek, Chinaman’s Creek and the boardwalk for Bream. Best results with prawn and worm. Also give the town jetties a try for Mullet on worm.

Bream are in McMillan Strait chasing shrimp. The surf beach is worth a try for Salmon and Gummies.

Holland’s Landing
Bream are in Lake Victoria using shrimp. Also at the landing and in the strait.
Fishing is a bit patchy but Luderick and Bream are about. Try the rock groynes and structures with a variety of baits. The surf is good for Salmon and Tailor on pilchard and poppers.

Bemm River
The entrance is now closed. The best spot for Bream are at the river mouth and in the main lake. Best baits are sandworm and prawn.

Tamboon Inlet
Bream are around Peach Tree Creek and the river mouth and up towards Furnell Landing. Use prawn and worm.

The surf for Salmon on pilchard and poppers. Luderick are at Slipways Fisheries and Harrisons Channel, taking weed. Trevally at the wharf, Flathead at Captains Point and Gipsy Point has Flathead on soft plastics.

Omeo High Country
The best spot for Trout is the Mitta Mitta using worm soft plastics and lures.

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