Report 27/11/17

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Report 27/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:19 am

A lot has happened over the past month so lets get straight to it. starting at Corner Inlet: a couple of weeks of hot weather and constant easterly winds has warmed the inlet to up to 21 degrees in parts as of this weekend just gone and offshore is also in the 18-20 degree range as well. The snapper are well and truly on the chew now and while not everyone iS bagging out on them, most anglers are managing to get a few each session. Because the water is so warm, alot of the snapper have moved into the deeper sections of the Franklin channel and the entrance.

The warm water has also bought in stacks of good sized eater pinkies of up to 40cm and they are spread throughout corner inlet in the Franklin and toora channels and all the way to Port Albert in the Snake and drum channel and as far as McLaughlin's beach and Mann's beach in your conventional whiting spots. the big Reds haven't been very easy to work out this season, however after dark has produced some really big specimens of 10kg plus and then early mornings or tide changes have been the next best times. Best baits have been Squid and Pilchards or fresh baits such as salmon and tailor which are in the system at the moment as well. The gummy sharks are going awesome, and inside there are plenty around the 80-90cm mark but offshore has some bigger ones well over a meter and the odd really big specimen of 15kg plus.

Moving to Port Albert, the whiting have just come on the chew this week with some anglers getting up to a dozen at a time. They are also further east towards Mann's and McLaughlin's beach as well and are being caught on pippis or California squid. There's some massive Flathead down that way as well with the soft plastic fishos catching them up to nearly 70cm now so its definitely worth having a cast with some lures around the sand flats and weed beds for some big blue spot Flathead on the run out tide. The larger 4" size plastics and producing all the big models while if you want a feed, the smaller 3" plastics are catching better numbers of 35-50cm models.

The calamari are still going berserk, especially down at Port Welshpool and Port Albert. yamashita Live Jigs in whiting color have been a standout jig lately and most anglers are getting there 10 squid easily.

Now i have saved the best for last, the YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH are in! They are offshore in big numbers especially this week since the hot currants have come down and the water has warmed to over 20 degrees. But even better, they are inside Port Albert and Port Welshpool in big numbers as well so you don't even have to go offshore for them, you have just as good a chance of catching one inside. They have been caught by whiting anglers using squid bait and they have been caught on soft plastics or hard bodied lures by anglers casting or trolling. Offshore, they are responding to knife jigs really well and have been seen busting up on the surface and have been caught by anglers casting stickbaits and poppers. Most of them have just been rats but there has been the odd bigger fish amoungst them and are worth having a go for.

A nice snapper i caught a few weeks ago at Welshpool weighing 6.9kg. I was using a snapper snatcher and it ate both hooks and has one in either side of its mouth, its the first time i've seen that. Must have been hungry. I was using a squid head on both hooks at the time.

Had a good session on the big reds with wrighty and shane at Welshpool where we managed to bag out during the run in tide. Most fish were caught on running rigs and 1 or 2 on snapper snatchers, the biggest went 79cm which was released along with another 2 good ones aswell. We caught 9 all up for the day!

Michael Armstrong and crew had a good morning session in the entrance at Welshpool in choppy conditions where they landed these good reds in deep water before the tide change.

A good bag of squid we got a couple of week ago in the Lewis channel. Yamashita Live jigs in the whiting color caught most of them as well and tried the new aussie color range aswell and they caught half a doz as well.

Bailey Collyer had an awesome session at Welshpool landing 2 70cm snapper and 3 good gummies.

Budge and crew caught a heap of small kings offshore on the weekend and managed to get 6 over 60cm to keep for a feed and the rest went back to get bigger. He caught them trolling and jigging.

Ray Coles with a massive flathead caught in the franklin whilst chasing snapper and gummies using snapper snatchers.

Some better sized calamari we have been catching in the Lewis Channel using Yamahita Live jigs in the Whiting color.


Russel with a great catch of Port Albert whiting caught during the run out tide last week using pippis.

Deano Stewart with a massive gummy shark caught offshore from Port Albert on the weekend.

Jake Hardie with a good feed of rock flathead and bluespot and a good pinky caught on soft plastics out of his kayak at Manns beach.

Jas Butler with a good E.P caught on fly. He caught a few good ones yesterday over in south gippy. Top work mate, hard to do on fly!


Mitch Blomquist with a thumping big Bass measuring 44cm caught on a Tiemco soft shell cicada just on dark. Absolutely awesome strike and a hell of a fight!

A 40cm Glenamggie Bass caught on a 4" Zman Diezel minnow.

A nice Glenmaggie bass i caught on a Tiemco tiny trick trout cicada! This surface lure bass fishing is the best!

Matt Reid with a good Bass caught on worms off the bank!

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