Report 17/12/17

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Report 17/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:25 am

A lot has happened over the past month so lets get straight to it. starting at Corner Inlet: With the weather being as hit and miss as the water temp, the fishing has been interesting to say the least. Theres been alot of floating weed in the system, and this has spread from Mcloughlin's through to welshpool and is on the ninety mile beach pretty bad as well, however the weed in side the inlets has eased off this week and stacks of good fish have been caught. Water temps are back up this week with inside being around the 20 degree mark and offshore around the 19 degree mark.

One of our favorite fish has turned up in big numbers and that's the yellowtail kingfish. There's plenty around inside and even more outside around the islands. There lots of smaller ones offshore of under 60cm but there a few 65cm models that will make up a bag and some anglers have been lucky enough to get some bigger ones of 80cm and some ever bigger ones over 1 meter further south.

Inside has had some lucky anglers get big 10kg kingy models and there's quite a few stories being passed around of anglers seeing huge kings estimated at 15kg plus swimming in the shallows.

As for snapper, they are there but not in as big of numbers as last season. Plenty of anglers catching 1-3 big ones of 6kg plus but there more pinkies than anything and there stacks of them around to 40cm and will make up an excellent feed.

The whiting have been quiet, but Port Albert is your best bet for them and there's plenty of anglers catching half a dozen or so on pippis and calamari baits.

The fish that everyone is catching is the humble gummy shark. It's an incredible season of them at the moment both inside and outside and it doesn't really matter where, they seem to be everywhere, they seem to be biting well during the last half of any tide inside and offshore more closely to the tide changes. If you are chasing gummies inside, fish with a running sinker rig and decent size baits. The entrance has probably been the best place o fish, with the edge of singapore deep producing heaps but the usual spot around bouy 4 and bouy 2 are producing plenty aswell. The weed has eased up this week as well, so i wouldn't stress about that too much. There's heaps of floating weed in the lewis but bottom fishing seems fine. If you head out, a paternoster rig with big hooks seems to be the way to get a gummy and stop the small flatties from hooking up.

There are pinkies galore offshore in 24 to 30m as well, so if you want them, i would go smaller hooks between a 1/0 and 4/0 and use a paternoster. On the 90 mile, yes the weed is bad, but you can fish if you fish around low tide. The weed is in close, you can cast over it, but you need to keep your line high and tight and out of the weed then wind really fast when retrieving your baits to keep it out of the weed. This will help fish those conditions and allow you to get fish.

A nice gummy i got from the entrance yesterday. Nearly as big as me. Took a squid head on a running rig during the run out tide.

Jason Vella and crew with there bag of pinky snapper,gummy and a few flatties from the entrance yesterday.

Ben Barnes with a kingy caught offshore round the islands using one of our kingy crunchers.

Ben and Ken Barnes final telly from a couple of days ago from the islands off welshpool. A bag of Gummies and kingfish.

Adam Harvey with a massive Blue Spot Flathead caught inside Welshpool it measured 72cm. They don't get much bigger than that down that way!

Pete Moretti with a cracking feed of bluespot flathead aught at Mcloughlins beach all on soft plastics. The plastics of choice were Berkley power minnows in pumpkinseed and zman trick swims in pumpkin/chartreuse.

Russel Macklin with a nice eater gummy caught in Port Albert entrance during the run in tide.


Anthony Kemp tested out his new Gillies Fly combo and christened it with 2 nice brown trout both caught on dry fly. Well done mate, great catches on dry.

A small Glenmaggie Bass i caught last week on a Tiemco tiny trick trout cicada. The water level is way up around 100% and the bass have become extremely difficult to find. This little guy was perched under a loan standing tree.

Mitch Blomquist with a 28cm bass caught on a Berkley power shad in redfin pattern at Glenmaggie.

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