Report 24/8/16

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Report 24/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:52 pm

Corio Bay
Snapper fever has started to take hold on anglers with the annual influx of snapper due into the bay just around the corner. A few keen anglers have found a fix close to home by fishing Corio Bay. Over the past week schools of large snapper have congregated near the old Yarra St Pier. Anglers fishing from a boat have marked snapper on their sounders then either anchored up and pitched baits or cast soft plastics to marked fish. Both tactics have been successful on boating snapper to over 7kg. What has been most exciting news is the land based anglers have also got in on the action. The Waterfront section of Yarra St is where all the action came from last week. By far bait fishing with pilchard is the most effective method for land based anglers.

Clifton Springs
Over at Clifton Springs and the squid are showing no signs of slowing down with those drifting near the Clifton Springs Dell in 3-4 meters of water using size 3 jigs in a white colouration. Bag limit captures of squid were not uncommon last week especially when the wind eases and you can achieve a nice slow drift in your boat. Whiting were still on offer with fish average 35cm taking pipi as bait.

Queenscliff harbour was another good option last week for the land based angler with silver trevally and Australian Salmon to 1kg in the cut. Soft plastic like Gulp Turtleback worm or Z-Man 2.5” grubs on a 1/6oz jig head got the job done on a change of tide. The Barwon Estuary provided plenty of juvenile Australian Salmon, Mullet and Whiting with those fishing small pieces of prawn & pipi.

Surf Beaches
Surf Beaches really fired up with Australian Salmon to 2kg inhaling lures cast out from the beach. The usual locations fished well Bancoora and Jan Juc. As has been the case over the past few weeks if you can time your trip to line up with a run tide on sunset the salmon tend to move in closer and in greater numbers.

Port Fairy
Southern Bluefin Tuna were still on the cards last week for those venturing out from Port Fairy. Casting small stick bait lures into the surface commotion resulted in fish as well as trolling hard body lures around patches of working birds.

Lake Purrumbete
Lake Purrumbete is cementing its reputation as a trophy brown trout fishery. Almost every day this past week a Brown trout of over 4kg has been captured. Trolling the East bank at first or last light was defiantly a standout approach. Casting is also another option sometime over looked at Lake Purrumbete but works well when you put in the time. Casting also allows you to try a few different lures and present you’re offering well into the weed banks were trolling can’t reach.

Lake Bullen Merri
Next door at Bullen Merri the going was a bit tougher with a few rainbow trout to 1.5kg taken on the troll.

Wurdee Boluc
Wurdee Boluc was also a challenge last week with only the odd redfin to 40cm being taken from the Lake of 1000 cast’s.

Next Week
Next Week if the weather is on our side have a look around the Geelong Waterfront for a snapper or two. If fishing out of a boat make sure to keep a closer eye on your sounder for showings of snapper. Surf anglers should continue to find Australian Salmon moving in close on the beaches at high tide. Lake Purrumbete is a hard option to go past, just be persistent as its not numbers but quality of fish this lake I renowned for.

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