Report 1/11/16

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Report 1/11/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:13 pm

Corio Bay
Once again the wind battered Geelong but dedicated anglers banked some impressive snapper. St Helens proved a worthwhile location for land based snapper anglers with strong winds stirring up the water which in turn seems to lure the snapper in close to feed. Anglers casting whole pilchards on a paternoster rig banked snapper to 6kg. Pinkies and flathead did feature as a by catch for those targeting snapper. Soft plastic anglers fishing the spoil grounds boated respectable pinkie snapper to 45cm along with the odd pike and flathead. In the coming months the spoil grounds should really come alive and is a fantastic option for those looking to fish soft plastics.

Clifton Springs
Around the corner Clifton Springs attracted plenty of attention for those seeking snapper, but the going proved tough at times due to the restrictive weather. Those able to head out did boat snapper to 7kg along with numerous small gummy shark to 6kg.

St Leonards
St Leonards remained the whiting capital of the Bellarine Peninsular with the well know section of water labelled Bourke St producing fish to over 40cm. Anglers pre paired to make a few moves had little difficulty boating bag limit captures. Those targeting squid had their work cut out for them with the water clarity poor due to the wind, but drifting in close in 2 meters of water anglers managed to scrap a few squid together.

Swan Bay
The channel entrance to Swan Bay proved a worthwhile option for Daniel Baden and myself Monday afternoon. Arriving in the channel on the beginning of the run in tide we started casting soft plastics which were quickly devoured by some hard fighting Australian Salmon of 2.5kg, we continued on casting plastics and managed to boat pinkie snapper, whiting and some smaller model Australian Salmon of around 1kg.

Queenscliff Boat Harbour allowed anglers to tangle with silver trevally and pinkie snapper with the entrance of the Harbour a standout location. Bait anglers found pilchard fillets and pippie worthwhile baits with soft plastic anglers using a 1/4oz jig heads matched with a gulp turtle- backworm worm achieving similar success of fish to 45cm.

Surf Beaches
Surf fisho’s walking the beaches casting lures on a North wind beached Australian Salmon to 2kg on a run in tide. 13th and Bancoora beaches fished well along with the rock platforms further towards Lorne.

Western District
Down the Western District some of the estuary systems started to clear and anglers encountered bream and estuary perch in the lower reaches.

Crater Lakes
On the freshwater front the crater lakes continue to give up large Brown Trout to over 4kg for those slow trolling hard body lures along the lake margins. The odd Chinook salmon has popped up from time to time but the best way to target this species is with lightly weighted baits suspended just above the bottom.

Wurdee Boluc
Wurdee Boluc is staying true to its reputation of the lake of 1000 cast but on occasions over the past week redfin to 40cm and rainbow trout to 1kg were banked by those casting lures out some distance.

Lake Hume
Michael Evans, Tim Beausman and Trevor Homes fished the lake Hume Classic last weekend where the guys had a ball. Michael boated a well-conditioned yellow belly of 60cm and 12.2lb on a hardbody lure. Of note Michael released his yellowbelly which swam away in excellent health.

Ron Nelson
Last Sunday the annual Ron Nelson Classic was held at Deakin University. Junior anglers took part in a mornings fishing for freshly liberated rainbow trout. The day was a great success with numerous rainbow trout and a few redfin making an appearance.

Next Week
Next Week with the weather on the improve have a look out of St Leonards on the whiting and if the water clears up try for a squid or two. Swan Bay channel in another great option with large amounts of hard fighting salmon schooling up. Freshwater anglers keep persisting with Wurdee Boluc as the big redfin should fire up anytime now.

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