Report 30/6/17

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Report 30/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:25 pm

Corio Bay
Corio Bay continued to keep anglers entertained with Australian Salmon holding around structure along the Geelong Waterfront. Casting plastics hard against structure was by far the best approach. Garfish gathered in large schools within reach of land based anglers out from Limeburner’s boat ramp. Pinkie snapper were also banked by those fishing blue bait on a paternoster rig.

Bellarine Peninsula
Squid made their presence known to anglers all along the Bellarine Peninsula with Clifton Springs though to Swan Bay entrance all giving up bag limit captures. Sunday afternoon Trelly's Geelong's Chris Pitman spent an hour or so drifting for squid in the deeper water near the area know as Bourke St where squid were keen on devouring a Yamashita Live series jig in white colouration. Anglers chasing whiting found the going a little slower than normal although bag limit captures were still possible at St Leonards going into an evening.


Queenscliff Harbour was still a hot spot for Silver Trevally along the main cut of a slack tide. Gulp Turtleback worms in pumpkinseed were a standout with Australian Salmon also snapping up the plastic at times too. The grass beds to the east of the Harbour held larger whiting averaging 40cm plus with tenderised squid the best bait of choice.

Surf Beaches
Surf anglers spun up plenty of Australian Salmon with 13th beach right though to Fairhaven at Lorne giving up fish. Sea Iron Palacus lures were once again a standout. Of a night anglers again snagged Gummy Shark and the odd Mulloway to just over 90cm.

Western District
Southern Bluefin Tuna were a standout between Apollo Bay to Portland with Apollo Bay seeing the larger specimen boated. Trolling skirted lures around the bird and bait action was to go. The estuaries dotted along the Victorian Western District still produced plenty of bream and estuary perch for those casting black vibe style lures to fish located on the sounder.

David spun up a well conditioned Kingfish recently in Tasmania.


Wurdee Boluc
Freshwater anglers had better success than salt. The lake of 1000 cast known as Wurdee Boluc gave up a trophy brown trout to Ross Gould at first light Monday morning. Ross made a before day break start and casting a large shallow diving hard body lure ross banked an 8lb brown trout that gave him a run for his money up and down the rock wall. Ross also managed a smaller brown trout of about 4lb only a short time after. Of note the bite time seem to shut down by 8am.


Stony Creek
Stony Creek kept those casting spoon type lures busy with Brown Trout to just on 1kg. Letting your lure sink to the bottom then beginning your retrieve aided in catching better numbers of fish. Large redfin to over 40cm also crossed paths with anglers chasing trout.

Lake Bullen Merri
Heading further west Lake Bullen Merri was kind to those trolling with down riggers during the day with Chinook salmon on the bite. At first light trolling hard body lures resulted in rainbow, brown trout to 1.5kg. Bait fishing with power bait on a running sinker rig from the lake margins is very effective all times of the day and night.

Goulburn River
It’s all about the Crays at the moment, plenty around Nagambie, Mitchellstown area, put you pots in the deepest part of the river, best bait is Bullocks Liver, cut up bits of Carp, Squid heads-yes Squid heads, and Corn on the Cob. A few nice sized Redfin around Kirwans Bridge area and the occasional Yellowbelly on worms and small Yabbies. Further north to Murchison too Arcadia, and there is plenty of Crays, lots of really big girls ( need to be released ), but still plenty to get your bag. Niki Saunders had a cracker weekend catching plenty of Crays, some where well oversize which were released, but still get the heart pumping when you see 2 or 3 of these big ones come up. Still a few nice sized Yellowbelly, mainly on Bassman and Pirate Spinnerbaits and some Cod around 50cm on Old Mate lures, you will need to work hard for a keeper sized Cod, in saying that if you bait fish with Cheese, Scrubworms and Bardi Grubs, there is plenty of small Cod and a good chance of a keeper sized fish.


Shepparton/Kyabram Region
Great news, fisheries have stocked Victoria Lake for the school holidays, plenty of small Rainbow Trout for the Kids to have some fun. Powerbait by far the best method, unweighted using a float about 50cm above a size 4 baitholder, 2 cubes of powerbait and fish the Western side of the lake WILL result in a nice little trout, pop into the store if you need to be pointed in the right direction. Jack and Liam have been having some fun catching these little Rainbow Trout on fly. Waranga Basin is still fishing really well, plenty of small Redfin and still probably only 1 good sized fish for every 30 caught, but great fun. Best lures have been Crazy Deep RMG Poltergeist, 15+ 55mm Codgers and the Balista Smoke and Drop Bear Squidgies. Simon Tomasini has been doing really well at Greens Lake, catching plenty of big Redfin, some session catching more than 50 fish and most being good size. The 55mm Codger in the old Tomato pattern has been doing the damage. Some other reports from Greens Lake hasn’t been great, so I think it may take you a 3 or 4 trips to figure the lake out and start catching more fish more regulary.


Murray River
The murray is still fishing well off the surface, with a plenty over the meter caught recently. Biggest we heard was a 122cm on a 170mm Koolabung Cod Cracker. Mulwala has also been fishing very well for a few blokes too. Warren Gaylard and mates have been cleaning up on Koolabungs in Mulwala with quite a few off the top, 124cm, 122cm and 117cm being the biggest models. Clancy Lester has also been catching a few nice Cod on Bassman Twin Spins. With the current levels of the river below Yarrawonga, a big profile, 2 meter diver such as the new White Crow Warthog 130 shallows have been working really well as well as big surface lures/wake baits such as Mudeye Snakes. This colder weather has the bigger girls out for a feed, so put in the effort and chances are you’ll be rewarded with some cracker fish.


Next Week
Next week if you’re keen on wetting a line try Clifton Springs for squid. Spinning the beaches is another worthwhile option along with soaking a bait at night. Spinning with large hardbody lures at first light is worth the time at Wurdee Boluc with trophy brown trout on the move.

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