Report 5/4/19

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Report 5/4/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:40 am

Firstly a big shout out to the person who reported the capture of an illegal cod to fisheries here at swan hill last friday.When fisheries aproached the two men one of them threw the 93cm into the river,which of course floated-and all the angler got was a measly $484 fine!!!

The Murray is looking really good here at swan hill at the moment,it had a small rise last week and is now sitting back at 1.2mtrs,where it will proberly sit at for awhile.

- Rohan Fry sent me some photos of some yellas him and his two mates caught after a weekends fishing at Hattah.They all bagged out on yellas caught on shrimp & scrubworms and small yabbies bobbed amongst the snags.
- The area between the Euston weir and Wemen is producing some good size yellas on small yellas,scrubworms and shrimp.
- The Swan Hill area is fishing really well for big cod and yellas with the following reports:
- Ying proved again that she can catch big cod with another 98cm caught near the Riverside caravan park.
- Brandon Wood said he could'nt keep the small yabbies up to the yellas who were smashing them near Pickerings transport early in the week,some of the photos he showed me would have been 45 to 50cm.
- Another angler fishing on the island landed 15 cod(2 keepers) and several yellas on small yabbies.
- Gary and Phill Driscoll camped near the Floodway for the past week and landed several cod,with Phill landing a 93cm on cheese and they also landed several yellas up to 50cm on yabbies and shrimp.Gary told me that they spoke to Ken Whitelaw who said he had landed a 98cm cod on bait earlier that day.

- The Stony Crossing area has been producing a few yellas and small cod on bait.

- The regulator is still producing yellas and some redfin on small minnow type hardbodies and vibes,with a few redfin taking live minnows and small yabbies.

- A few yellas are still being caught at the 3rd Reedy regulator and a few yellas have also been landed in the channel between first and second reedy lakes on lures and bait.

This weeks photos:
- Vic Fisheries photo of the illegal cod.
- Yings 98cm cod.
- Rohan Frys yellas from Hattah.
- Phill Driscolls 98cm cod caught near the Floodway.
- Michael Tempinis 90cm cod caught at swan hill recently.

Until next week JC.

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