Report 30/8/19

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Report 30/8/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:17 pm

With 2 days of winter left the temperatures are starting to warm up and so will the waters temps which will bring the yellabelly and redfin on the bite.

- A group of mates fished at Fort Courage last weekend where several yellabelly(biggest 41cm) were landed on trolled lures.
- Anthony Kirsten sent me a photo of a 65cm cod he caught on the troll at Beverford last saturday.
- Had another photo from Travis Russell with his cod caught near Barham.
- And a young Bianca Williams was fishing with here dad last weekend where she landed a 55cm cod on a black/purple oargee lure near the steps in town-well down Bianca outfished your dad!!.
- Court Cardenas just sent me a photo of her 75cm cod she caught yesterday upstream from the Riverside Caravan Park on chicken and that is a PB for her and she is happy that its bigger than her husbands PB..

- China reported in the local paper today that the river is dropping and that a few yellas had been picked up in the river around Moulamein and in the Billabong.

Now that the footy home and away games have finished and the weather warming up we will see more activity on the rivers and lakes.

This weeks photos:
- Anthony Kirstens cod from Beverford.
- Bianca Willaims cod from Swan Hill.
- Travis Russells cod from Barham
- Court Cardenas's 75cm cod from Swan Hill

JC's Bait & Tackle
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