Report 1/3/18

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Report 1/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:14 pm

Cod Cod and more Cod-everyone you talk to are saying they are catching good numbers of cod every time they hit the water from Piangil right through to the other side of Brooks Lane.
The weather has been magic and is going to continue into next week and with the Swan Hill fishing classic on this weekend,I'm expecting good numbers of cod to be caught similar to last year.Its the first time in years the they have filled the comp with 100 boats and I put that down to the numbers of cod that have been caught in our area drawing anglers to swan hill.

- The river is producing a lot of yellas in the Mildura area on small lures,vibes and on most baits,but I cant say the same of the cod unfortunatley.
- Had a guy in the shop during the week who lives at Tooleybuc and he said him and his mate landed 4 cod between 56 and 76cm on black/green and black/pink oargees in one outing.
- The Henson boys fished at Nyah last weekend and landed 6 cod between 55 & 65cm on bait.
- Dennis Cox fished between the boat ramp and the Abbs last weekend and finished up with an 84-60-55cm cod on a yellow/orange oargee.
- Leigh Evans sent me a photo of his 50cm yella he landed on a red/yellow lure near where the Kookaburra used to berth.
- Another angler landed a 6lb cod on a yabby near Jeans marinna during the week.
- Renae Sharp had the last laugh on her fishing partner when the pink lure she bought the day before landed her ,her first ever cod on a lure at Brooks Lane last weekend and she finished up with 4 for the day-out fishing her partner who only managed 2.From the photo she showed me it would have been around the 75cm mark and the others would have been between 65 & 75cm= you could'nt wipe the smile off her face!!

- Chris Gerkins reported that he finished up with 6 cod around the 60+cm mark on monday at Maude on trolled oargee lures.I had a local in this morning who also fished up at Maude on monday and he said that he landed a good size yella on a lure within the first 60sec and thought he was in for a good day but that was it for the day- thats fishing!!!!

- Not hearing a lot from up there but they have been catching some good size yellas on lures above Wentworth and a few cod have been picked up around Pooncarrie on bait and lures.

- Getting the odd reports of a few reddies and yellas getting caught on a variety of baits and lures in all lakes but I'm hearing its hard work to get a feed.

This Week's Photos:
- Leigh Evans 50cm yella.
- Dennis Coxs 84cm cod.
- A photo of what a Goodoo Swim Bait can catch you.

Keep sending in your photos!

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