Report 16/3/18

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Report 16/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:43 pm

What a great long weekend we had last weekend,nearly every person I had in the shop were extremely happy with the number of cod they caught.
Some people who had never been to Swan Hill before were certaintly won over by the area and the fishing and said that they would be back.

- Quite a few anglers headed to Boundary Bend for the weekend and caught some good numbers of yellas and I did hear of a 74cm cod caught,which is a positive sign-most fish were caught on yabbies shrimp and scrubworms.
- The Nyah area fished well with Paul Kelly landing a 101cm cod on a black/purple AC Invader and another bloke landed 6 legal cod in 2 hrs with the biggest at 95cm,all his fish were caught on lures.
- Stephen Fenwick sent me 2 photos of a 55cm and a 85cm he caught at Wood Wood.The 85cm was a PB for him and his first cod on a lure,which was a Yellow/Red Oargee with black stripes.
- The Runciman Rd area produced good numbers of cod over the weekend,with most fish taking lures.
- The river from the boat ramp out Brooks Lane produced good numbers of cod from 40cm up to 80cm on most baits and trolled lures,with some people catching 6 or 7 cod in an afternoon.

- China reports that a few cod are have been caught at Moulamein and I did hear that a 75cm was caught by a young bloke last weekend at the comp.

- The Kyalite pub report said that a few fish were caught on bait and lures over the weekend and Barnsy said that a rise was expected before easter,which should stir things up a bit.I did hear of a 65cm cod taking a yabby near the curnament bridge on saturday.

- The Maude area is still producing good numbers of cod on trolled lures,with black/puprle,black/orange & black/green working the best.

This weeks photos:
- Paul Kellys 101cm at Nyah.
- Stephen Fenwicks PB 85cm from Wood Wood
- Dick with his 2.4kg yellas from Kyalite.
- Daniel Bamfs cod from swan hill-one of 7 for the w/end.

# The winner of the swim bait is Stephen Fenwick with his first ever cod caught on a lure and a PB as well.

With another week of fine weather forecast I would expect the rivers to be busy again.- JC

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

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