Report 5/4/18

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Report 5/4/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:49 pm

What an absolute cracker of an easter weekend we have just had,I reckon its been one of the best I have seen for many years.Just about every fisherman I had in my shop over the weekend had a story to tell whether it was a PB,1st cod,1st cod on a lure etc.
There were an absoloute bundle of cod caught in the Murray in the swan hill area over the weekend,far too many to report them all.

## Finally we have a solid boat ramp access on Pental Island,with a concrete/wire mesh ramp put in at Brooks Lane,hopefully they can do the same for Caeli Lane.


- Starting to get the odd report of cod getting caught around Lock 9,with a reported 120cm caught bat at the weekend.
- Plenty of campers headed to Boundary Bend for the weekend with mixed results,but I did hear of a 61cm cod caught.
- Stephen Fenwick is on a bit of a roll with another PB with a 96cm taking a yellow oargee at Wood Wood.
- Anthony Kirsten sent me of a photo of a 91cm cod he caught on a red/white JD lure along with a 69 and a 68cm fishing at Tyntynder.
- Jess Adams showed up the boys at the weekend with a 97cm cod,its the 2nd time Ben Spicer and his mate have been out fished by a lady,but they had a good couple of day finishing up with 30 cod between 45 to 97cm fishing downstream of the Abbs.
- A bloke put in at the town boat ramp and went downstream and finished up with 51-66-69cm cod an bardi grubs.
- A 75cm cod was landed on shrimp near the Murray Downs homestead and Eddie Sholtens landed a 81cm yesterday near Pental Island.
- Campers at the Pental Island caravan park landed several cod up to 75cm on black/red and black/purple oragees.
- A couple of nice yellas to 42cm were caught on worms and an estimated 35 pounder was landed between Caeli and Brooks lane on a yabby.
- Local angler Mick was fishing near Brooks Lane at the weekend and pulled in a 105cm another in the 90s on lures.

- Mick Linnett sent me a photo of a 44cm yella one on 5 he caught at Balranald on shrimp and worms at the weekend.

- A local camped on one of the reserves on the Kyalite/Moulamein road and finished up with 6 yellas up to 3lb and a 68cm cod on a yabby-the yellas were taking scrubworms.

This Weeks Photos:
-Anthony Kirstens 91cm from Tyntynder.
-Stephens Fenwicks 96cm PB from Wood Wood.
-Jess Adams 97cm from near the Abbs.
-Sam Mitchell with his 50cm cod.
-Tyndarah Kellys cod he caught near the "step
-Amy Mandersons 60cm cod near the P.I. caravan park.

With another week fine weather I would expect heaps to be out again this weekend - JC

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

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