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Report 31/5/18

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:19 am
by Nicole Penfold
With another weekend of fine weather forecast I would expect a few anglers to be out and about trying there luck in catching some decent size cod like a few have done in the past week or so.

- The Tooleybuc area is still producing some good some size cod on trolled black/yellow,black/purple and black pink lures.
- Taylor Hanning sent me a photo of young bloke Nate McClelland with his 102cm cod he caught recently on a lure near Caeli Lane,and a 51cm cod was also caught.
- Jason King also sent me a photo of Jade King with her 55cm cod caught near Brooks Lane on a black/purple lure.
- Rohan Ketts was in yesterday stocking up on a some lures and he showed me photos of a 76-74 & a 66cm cod him and his girl friend caught on black/purple codgers,fishing between Nyah and Wood Wood last weekend-he said they also caught several undersize cod as well.

This weeks pics:
- Nate McClellands 102cm cod.
- Jade Kings 55cm cod.
- The pic of the big cod just shows what a Bassman Mumbler(or chatterbait as the yanks call them) can catch you!!!

Even though it has cooled down there are some decent size cod out there waiting to swallow a lure.

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