Report 11/12/15

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Report 11/12/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:51 pm

Well we are 10 days into the cod season,and as I said previously during the closed season(cod dont have "seasons-they eat all year round") the number of cod cod caught ranging from 30cm to a metre plus, that have been since opening has been exceptional.

- Terry Higgingbottom put in at Caelie Lane on Pental Island last thursday and land 6 cod the biggest at 85cm and on the thursday him and his dad landed 17 cod on the friday,the biggest again at 85cm-the fish were caught on bait,and I heard a 80cm was caught on a bardi grub near the caravan park.
- Another camp fishing just past the Murray Downs resort landed 22 cod for the weekend with the biggest at 80cm all fish were caught on all baits.
- Campers at the Nyah forest picked up several cod to 57cm bardi grubs and yellas to 49cm on shrimp and worms.
- Mick from the Boundary Bend store reports the yellas to 60cm(this weeks photo) were caught on scrubbies and good numbers of cod to 80cm have been taking shrimp/cheese combo.
- The Murray/Murrumbidgee junction produce a 77-61-59cm and a heap of smaller cod on dark coloured lures on the troll last weekend.
- A report from Belsar Island that several cod to 59cm have been taking yabbies and yellas to 51cm taking shrimp and worms
- There was a fishing Robinvale last weekens where a 101cm cod was caught below the weir on bait,80 yellas were caught above the weir also on bait and another camp landed 4 cod ranging from 55 to 65cm on bait.
- Anglers fishing at Wemen picked up a couple of cod to 65cm on black/purple and black/pink lures.
- The Donald Angling Club fished the Hattah area last weekend where 10 boats picked up 60 cod ranging from 30cm to 60cm on the friday on all sorts of bait and another member trolled up 6 cod later that night, just undersize on black/purple lures and another camp picked up a 60cm cod on a purple oargee.
- Local anglers fished the Rufus River last weekend where they picked up a 105-98-75cm and plenty from 30 to 60cm mainly on bardi grubs.

- The reports from the Kyalite area is that plenty of cod up to 60cm have been caught mailny on bait,with some boats landing any where between 20 to 30 cod a day and a few yellas have been taking small yabbies and scrubbies.

- A mate of mine fished above Moulamien at the weekend and picked up a 87-72-68cm cod and plenty of smaller ones on yabbies,shrimp,grubs and cheese.
- The river at Kyalite is also producing plenty of cod some small,some legal on grubs,yabbies and cheese.

- Had a report in today that the redfin have fired up again at Lake Charm where one boat landed 17 yesterday- 6 at 35cm and 5 at 30cm-all caught on minnows-obviously last weekends hot weather got them going.

As you can see, this is going to be one super fishing season this year,so pack up your gear and head to Swan Hill with its many rivers,creeks and lakes all full of fish.

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488 Campbell St
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