Report 29/1/16

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Report 29/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:38 pm

What a testing time we have had weather-wise in the past week –wind, plenty of rain and hail. I've seen plenty of vehicles heading back covered in mud, but it hasn't stopped the fish from biting.

* The Murray River:
- The Donald angling club fished at Lock 9 last weekend where they landed some nice cod with the biggest at 87cm on a black/red AC Invader and 35 yellas were caught and most of them were caught on lures.
Some guys from the Ballarat Angling club were also there and they picked up a 118cm cod on a super bug and I had two guys call into the shop on there way back from up there and they showed me a picture of a 130cm(huge) cod-I'm still waiting on the photo to be emailed to me.
-Anglers in the Wemen area picked up an 80cm and a 90cm cod using bait.
-A bloke sent me a photo of a 88cm cod he landed on a bardi grub at Kenley.
-Mick from the Boundary Bend store reports that good size yellas and cod are taking small yabbies and a few fish have been caught on lures.
Had a bloke call in and said that he fished off a log in the river at Boundary Bend and landed 3 yellas around 48cm by bobbing balls of shrimp close to the shore and then 2 days layer he sent a photo of a legal cod head caught in scrubworms.
- Locally at Swan Hill a local fishing with his mates at Greenham Lane landed 3 legal yellas on shrimp and worms,9 small cod and managed to steer a large cod away from the snags to get hit beside the boat,where it gave a big head shake and cut the line.Then they hooked onto another large one later on, but it snapped the line above the hook.
Young Fitsy picked up a 63cm cod on a grub near Jean'sy marrina,which had a golf ball in its guts and Cooper picked up a nice cod on shrimp at Brooks Lane.

* The Wakool River:
- A local angler fishing the top end of the Wakool landed a 12lb and a 16lb cod and a 4lb yella on yabbies last sunday.
The report from the Kyalite pub was that there were plenty of small cod caught on bait over the weekend.

* The Edward River:
- I'm still getting good reports form the Moulamein and from the reserves along the river of good catches of cod and yellas on bait and lures.

* Lake Charm:
The lake fired up big time on sunday with one boat landing 64 redfin using little spinners and then 22 were landed by one boat and 34 by another on the tuesday using small hard bodied lures and then yesterday they went off the bite.The fish certaintly need the right conditions to go off in a big way.

Until Next Week Happy Fishing, JC.

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The 188cm cod caught at Lock 9.

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