Report 11/2/16

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Report 11/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:47 pm

We are experiencing great fishing weather so there should be plenty of anglers out and about this weekend.There a rise going through the Murray here at swan Hill,which should fire up things for the annual Nyah Football Club fishing comp. this weekend.

The Murray River:
- Here at swan hill several undersize cod have been caught on grubs,yabbies.cheese and chicken and a few legal yellas have been caught on yabbies,shrimp and scrubworms.
- Mick from the Boundary Bend Storre reported a couple of mates picked up 7 legal yellas in an outing on shrimp and worms during the week.He said the cod had been a little on the slow side, but with the pending rise,things should start firing up again.

The Wakool River:
- A couple of mates who had never fished in this area before, pulled into the Wakool at Stoney Crossing during the week and landed a metre cod on a black and yellow oargee,along with several smaller cod on a black and green oargee and one on a bardi grub-they were pretty happy when they called back into my shop to get more grubs and to replace the black and yellow oargee.
- The Kyalite Pubs reports that some good size yellas were caught yesterday on bait on a rising river.

The Edward River:
- The Moulamein area is producing cod uo to 63cm mainly on bardi grubs,with a few taking your non traditional baits and a few yellas to 46cm have been taking small yabbies and shrimp..

The Frenchmans Creek:
- A bloke just in said that the yellas "are going off" up there on baits and lures/spinnerbaits on the cast.

Lake Charm:
- The reddies have been hot and cold in the lake with one bloke towing all sorts of lures around the lake last monday week ago and couldn't pick up a thing and then a bloke and his wife hit the lake at 6.00pm and found a school and picked up 50 redfin and one yella- all on small lures.
- Had a bloke in this morning and he said him and his mate fished the north end of the lake yesterday and landed 30 odd redfin with some around 2lb on small lures,but he said they had to work hard for them,he also said other boats they spoke to, reported catches between 30 to 40 fish.
- Had another report of one bloke picking a few legal yellas during the week on small yabbies and balls of shrimp.

Make the most of this good weather and hit the rivers or lakes this weekend or have a crack at the Nyah Fishing Comp

Happy Fishing JC

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
Ph: 03 5033 0407
This photo is from last March when two blokes landed 70 reddies up to 2lb all on 50mm lures, fishing at Lake Charm in the late afternoon into the evening.
The 2nd is of a good size cod caught on a stumpjumper.

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