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Report 10/3/16

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:01 pm
by Nicole Penfold
I have just spoken to Goulburn Murray Water to clarify where the blue green algae "Red" alerts were along the Murray.He told me that they stretched from Mulwala to Koondrook/Barham,so I asked why they were putting up warning signs around Nyah/Tooleybuc areas and he said it was a" precautionery" measure advised to them by the Health Dept.If there was a "Red" alert in the Nyah and Piangil areas,the pumps that supply the mallee pipeline woukld have been turned off.

At this point in time there is no sign of blue green algae in the Wakool and Edward rivers in the Kyalite area-but it is in the Edward river between Deniliquin and Moulamein.

They dropped the arse out of the river hear at swan hill last week to allow for water that is coming down the Goulburn river at 7000megs a day,obviously to disperse the algae between Echuca and Barham.

So far as I'm concerned it business as usual!!!

Murray River:
- The annual swan hill fishing comp was held at the Pental Island Caravan park last weekend with 150 competitors.With the river dropping and the stinking hot weather,there were only 17 native fish measured.The cod measured 83-80-78-66-65 & 62cm along with a heap of small ones and quite a few were caught on lures and in the 8 yellas measured there was a 54cm.
- A couple of anglers fished the Mildura area last weekend and landed a 1.24 and a 1.04mtr cod on lures,they also said that other boats were catching plenty of ig yellas on lures.

The Wakool River:
- Vickie from the Kyalite pub said there had been plenty of cod and yellas taking bait and lures.

The Edward River:
- Vickie also said that heaps of cod up to 55cm had been taking cheese,shrimp and worms.

## I have plenty of bait in stock including bardi grubs for this long weekend,so I hope to see everyone head up our way.

Until Next Week Happy Fishing-JC

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The 1.24mtr cod caught in the Mildura area.